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On my report on Saturday's Game - Pro

my god I am so glad you wrote was awful. here we are 2-1...and yet...that game made you feel lousy...but maybe a win against navy (and navy was tough against ranked TCU!!)...and then we are back to the big boys...
jerks like us will always watch RU but think of the casual fan..on a rainy day with a beer in his hand..watching that game...AWFUL...and it is the casual fan that needs to be won over....
great job

On my report on Saturday's Game - Con

Hey what gives.  For someone who has usually been so positive on Rutgers football to come up with a column like you did here is disappointing and embarrassing.  No doubt it was an ugly win but to stress the downside is not what I would have expected from you.  All I know is we are 2-1 and have a tough game coming up next in Navy.  Let's not discourage  people from coming to the games but encourage them to come out and see a young team that is growing and needs all of the support it can get.

I am really upset that you''ve taken the negative tactic here since you have done some much good in the past.  Hart had a decent game.  Radigan punted well and the snaps were all perfect ( which has been a major concern).  Extra point, yes not too good, but Cortese gave it the Italian Touch and hit on two as well as a field goal.  His confidence will grow now that it appears that he may have won the kicking job.  Punt coverage was good and the only real special teams breakdown was on one kickoff return. Mike the glass is half full not empty.

A lot of players got into the game and while only for a shorttime gained some experience and the opportunity to play.  The team chemistry is outstanding. Footing on the field was fair and there were at least 2 or 3 occasions where Pitman and Faycson cut up field only to slip on the wet turf.  3 shots from the 1 and we couldn't put it in, yes not too good.  Were we in control the, hell yes we were in control all day.  Should we have scored then, yes.  But what is important is that we won and are 2-1.  To look at it anyway just takes away from some of the momentum Greg is trying to build.  You can rest assured that he will work on the "negatives" and the breakdowns to correct them but he will also build on many of the good things that took place on Saturday.

'nuff said.

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