Pictures from the Rutgers-Navy game

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Navy Pictures 2003

Here are some pictures from the Navy Game. Enjoy!!!

The Rutgers Marching Band before the game.

Fireworks as the Scarlet Knights enter the Stadium.

The Scarlet Knight defense.

David Harley (#93) attempts to wrap up the Navy QB.

The Scarlet Knight looking on a goalline stand.

The Scarlet Knight offense as they attempt to convert another 3rd Down.

The Scarlet Knights Offense

Rutgers recruits, Rob Crudup and Eugene Monroe of Plainfield H.S.

Former Scarlet Knights (left to right), George Pickel (1982-85), Clement Udovich, (1982-85), Jacque LaPrarie (1982-85), and Chris Pickel (1986-1990).

Former Scarlet Knights, (left to right)Bryan Boehrer (2001-02), Jack Bloom (1998-99), Marcus Perry (1998-2000), Wayne Hampton (1997-99)
, Marcus Luna (1996-1997), Mitchell Davis (1999-2002)

The Scarlet Knight...

The final score...

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