A chat with Chazz Lynn

Chazz Lynn, 5-10, 175, DB/RB, 4.5, Wayne Hills, Wayne, NJ          

Why did you verbal now?

"I just guess that it was the right time. Why prolong the process."

Did the Virginia Tech game have anything to do with it?

"I couldn't make the game. I had a game myself."

Your father played in the NFL, what does he think of your choice?

"He is behind me 100%. He likes the academics and he likes Rutgers because I like it and that makes him happy."

Where are you projected at Rutgers?

"I'll be projected at corner. There's possibility of my playing safety. My greatest strength is 'cover' and I think that I'll end up at corner."

Did the coaching staff say you would play early?

"We haven't talked about that. I would be good either way. If I red shirt I know that I'll be better when I get out there. If I play right away I feel that I an make an impact right away."

You've been on campus a few times, did you get to know any of the players?

"Yeah, I knew Ryan Neill before. I have met Jarvis Johnson, Brandon Haw and some others. I am good friends with Ryan Neill and he said good things about the program. I saw how they treated him with his injury. They had patience with him and I liked what I saw."

Are you going to try to convince other Jersey players to come?

"If I get a chance to talk to players I'll talk positively about Rutgers. I won't push it on people. It is a personal decision, but if comes up I'll talk positively about the program.

What do you hope to accomplish during your career at Rutgers?

"To help the program get better and to help myself get better while I am doing it."


Chaz was first team All League, All County first team and All Area first team. He had close to 900 yards rushing on 83 carries and 6 touchdowns; on defense he had 80 tackles, 5 interceptions and one sack.
ESPN recently listed Chaz as the 17th best corner in the nation.

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