New System Breathes New Life Into Scarlet Knights

"Rutgers has a new system, and a new offensive coordinator," Rodriguez noted in repsonse to a question about the Knights' improved offense. "It fits their personnel better. Both (Brian) Leonard and (Justise)Hairston are quality backs, and they are being more patient in the run game. Sometimes, that's what it takes. They have a nice package to keep people off balance with.

"Also, they have recruited well, and from a talent standpoint have really improved themselves."

Rodriguez also has some concerns about defending Leonard. Although he is listed as a fullback, Rodriguez considers him as "just a big tailback".

"Leonard runs well, and he catches the ball well too. When they run the iso you can't disregard the fullback. They'll run the flood route and dump it off to the fullback, too. They do that well. It makes you be more disciplined defensively. You have to account for him, and you have to read your keys."

To prepare for the Rutgers game, Rodriguez gave the team a couple of days off in order to recharge their batteries.

"We gave the team Saturday and Sunday off to kind of get refreshed a little bit. That gave some of them a chance to go home for a few days, because a lot of them haven't been home since school started. We're in pretty good spirits, anbd the focus was good. We've talked a lot about moving on from last week's game."

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