Jean Beljour

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Jean Beljour

Jean Beljour (6'0"-210lbs, 4.45 forty) from Hackensack H.S in Hackensack, NJ is one of the best RB in the state of New Jersey. His high school, Hackensack H.S, is traditionally one of the best high school football teams in New Jersey and has produced numerous Division IA players over the past 15 years. Beljour will be listed among the best of them. His 4.4 speed is not his only asset, he has a bench press of 315lbs, a squat of 440lbs, and is a very powerful runner and blocker.

How many scholarship offers does he have?

He has over 10 offers from schools such as Rutgers, Syracuse, Maryland, Wisconsin, Okla St., UConn, Boston College, and Temple.

Who are his favorites?

Beljour states that his favorites and leaders are Rutgers and Syracuse.

How does he feel about his favorites?

-Like coaches and players and environment

- Likes the run-oriented attack and Campus

When will he schedule his visits?

He stated that he will schedule his visits after the season.

When will he commit?

He stated that he will probably not commit until he takes all five visits.


After four football games, Beljour has over 500 yards rushing. Hackensack has victories over Clifton 35-6, Eastside 34-8, and Bloomfield 41-0. Their next game is against Passaic

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