Hugh D'Imperio

Untitled Document Hugh D'Imperio

Hugh D'Imperio (TE/LB, 6'5"-235lbs, 4.6) Hard hitting inside linebacker from Sewell, NJ (Washington, Township).

Who has offered to date?

Michigan St, Virginia Tech, Purdue, Boston College, Rutgers, Temple, Pitt, West Virginia.

Who are your favorites and why?

My two favorites so far are Michigan State and Virginia Tech. I have visited Michigan State and have been told that I have a real good chance to play early. I also like the coaches at Virginia Tech and their winning tradition.

Who is recruiting you the hardest?

Michigan State and Virginia Tech.

When will you be scheduling your visits and whom do you plan on visiting?

Not sure when I will be scheduling visits. Would like Rutgers to be one of those visits.

Feelings on Rutgers?

I am looking forward to seeing a Rutgers game and getting to know the coaches better. I'm impressed with the RU coaches and caliber of recruits.


Statistics from first 2-3 games.

His high school team is 3-0. Has 2 sacks and 2 interceptions to date.

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