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Fan Feedback

    On Greg Schiano - Pro

I am an R.U. graduate ('74) and long time die hard fan, particularly in football.  I have lived in the midwest the past 20 plus years, so I only get to a few R.U. games.  By the way, I must thank you for your site and all your work.  I am a silent reader and don't post, but I am sure there are hundreds or even thousands of true Rutgers fans like me out there that appreciate all the info.

My email today to you is just an 'FYI'.  I attended the Purdue / Penn State game this past week.  I have lived 15 minutes from Purdue the past 12 years.  I happened to look at both rosters, as always, to see how many Jersey guys where on them.  Here's the interesting part....Penn State has only 4  N.J. players on last saturday's roster!  That is exactly the same as Purdue.  Perhaps this is info you already know, but it was very interesting to me to see that few at Penn St.  I seem to remember when I used to go to games at State College there were quite a few more than that.  Positive signs for Rutgers, don't you think?  Now if Greg can eventually keep a couple more of those skill players that seem to escape to Wisconsin, or Iowa...or even now Purdue.  Ray Williams from Scotch Plains is a starting wide receiver for Purdue.  I believe things are gradually getting better.  I hope the fans have enough patience!!!

    On Greg Schiano - Con

I think it would be a good idea if Greg pays attention to the basics when he attends high school games as part of his recruiting efforts. He could pick up some valuable tips, like matching up to the opponents formation. It seems to me that Miami did quite well when they had to "settle" on Coker because Greg was not available. I doubt that Miami would be winning as much if the reverse had occurred, talent base notwithstanding. Today's show has to make every edition of the football bloopers videos. Is he overpaid as a half million a year recruiter, if the coaching acumen is not there?

    On Greg Schiano - Turning Con

For the first time in his tenure, I was frustrated with Greg Schiano.  That bonehead call at the end of the half cost Rutgers, in my opinion, 14 points. The obvious 7, plus the 7 of WVU's first possession of the second half.  I believe the knights where still stinging from that play early in the third. Also, who is to blame for the 12 men on the field?  This is at least the 3rd time we have been called for this this season.  That cost us another 7 points!  You are right this was a winnable game!  I hope they learn from this and put it all together against Pitt!


    On being "Con on Con" and finding Pro

I'm enjoying Rutgers football this year. Though the program is still surrounded by lots of negativity by fans, I think they
are having players emerge, identifying themselves as contributors/keepers.


    On Rutgers and the Spread

"Not a betting man, but maybe I should be...

If I'm not mistaken, Rutgers is 6-0 against the spread.

If nothing else, an indication the team's better than the experts think."


On Boston College - outraged over treachery

As a Yankee fan this just fuels my fires and disdain for all things Boston (except Legal Seafood).
Needless to say (and I know you'll appreciate this) the legal maneuvering will numerous and endless.
If the timing is correct (2006) how does BC survive for two more years...the fans in the stands will torturous!  This sets the table for UMass to make its case for D-1 and 2006 BE inclusion...all they have to do is follow the UConn model.
The more I think about it the more I want to be home for the BC game...the tailgates and stands will look like Fenway last night.


On playing Boston College - treachery for goose and gander

Hope that all (in spite of the recent news) is well with you and yours. Since BC is required to give 27 months notice before leaving the league and I don't think the Big East will get redress in court (but what do I know!), why not simply have the remaining Big East football schools drop BC from their schedules for the remaining 2 years - if BC can break trust with impunity, the remaining Big East schools can slap right back and simply play 11 games in each of the next 2 years instead of 12, a small price to pay. I like the fact that the Syracuse, Seton Hall (!), and Rutgers are finally reacting openly (and I think very belatedly) to BC's treachery. You don't suppose that the fact BC was intimately involved with BE reorganization for the past 4 months and especially since the ACC was turned down for an 11 team playoff game and jumped to the ACC anyway would improve the chances of a suit against BC?

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