Impressions of Quincy Douby

Impressions of Quincy Douby:

I first met Quincy in the late-summer just before his junior year at Grady High School. I was at a park in Brooklyn talking to another player about an upcoming individual workout at the Bedford YMCA and he overheard the conversation.

When I finished with the other player, he approached me and asked, "Mister, do you have a gym?"

After explaining the nature of the intense workouts at the Bedford Y, I asked him where he lived and he said in Coney Island, a good one-hour subway trip across Brooklyn. When I told him he would need to be there at 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, he said no problem and thanked me. I walked away with serious doubts that this rail-thin teenager would ever make it.

Saturday morning came and Quincy was the first one outside the gym waiting for me. I never questioned his resolve and love for the game again.

Once the workout began, I could immediately see the talent he had to shoot the basketball. From his footwork to his quick yet soft release, he had textbook mechanics and deadly accuracy. Since he had only played organized ball for one year at that point, he had many things to work on. But, he was a quick learner and his dedication to improving him game helped him become one of the top players in New York City by the end of his junior year.

I'll never forget the day he scored 63 points while shooting 18-of-21 three-pointers early in his senior season. It was a weekday game after school and when it was over, Quincy hurried over to the Bedford Y to get in two hours of ballhandling and shooting off the dribble before the gym closed for the evening. Anyone else would have relaxed and savored this record-breaking performance - but not Quincy, who always was asking me for ways to help him improve his game.

In Quincy Douby, Rutgers has a special person and a hardworking player with much potential who can play either guard spot and be a building block to help the Scarlet Knights move into the upper ranks of the Big East.

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