Mohammed Camara Nearing a Decision

Riverside Junior College prospect Mohammed Camara, a 6-10 255 center, has taken the last of his planned official visits and a decision regarding his next college destination is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. On Sunday evening DevilsDigest spoke with Joe Drame, a mentor to Mohammed Camara about upcoming decision facing the junior college star.

Drame has been mentoring young African imports for the previous three or four years, having helped bring Cal State Fullerton star Pape Sow to the United States, among others.

Drame says that Camara is down to four schools. "Arizona State, San Diego State, St John's and Rutgers" are the schools still vying for Camara's services according to Drame and now, having just returned from visiting both of the East Coast schools on his list, they are ready to make an announcement within a few weeks.

Camara, a cousin of former Kentucky standout Jules Camara, is the #6 ranked junior college center prospect in the nation according to Lindy's magazine and Originally from Guinea, Camara moved to Senegal before coming to the United State where he attended Moore High School in Kentucky for his senior year. During that year he made the Blue Grass State's roster for the annual Indiana-Kentucky all-star game.

When he originally came to the United States, Camara was around 6-9 and 180 pounds, but now he is closer to 6-11 and 256 pounds according to Drame. "He's a big strong guy now, things are a lot different then playing in Africa, where you play barefoot and don't have the same type of luxuries," Drame says.

Having really only concentrated on basketball for a few short years, and never playing year-round on the traveling circuit like so many of today's teenagers growing up in the United State, Camara is still learning the game, but his potential is very high. "It's like learning a new language," says Drame. "I speak French and so there was a time when I heard something in English, I'd translate it into French in my head. He thinks about his move before does it and that's the main thing. He's got to be more instinctive and get to a point where he just reacts."

"But physically he's so strong and a very good athlete (too)," Drame continues. He's such a hard worker; this kid will work his butt off wherever he goes. Defensively he can play with anybody (right now). Offensively he has a lot to learn, but he's going to get there."

"The most important thing for him in this process, is just for him to find somewhere he can grow as a person and get life experience, not just for the NBA or wherever, but for life in general," Drame says. "I just want to help him with that. In the next couple of weeks we'll sit down and decide. I'm not here to push him, I'm here to give him advice, but it will come down to what he wants (ultimately)."

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