Luqman Abdullah

Luqman Abdullah, 6-3, 260, DT, OT, TE, DE, 4.9, Trenton Central HS                          


North Carolina State, Rutgers, Notre Dame, Hofstra, Rowan

"I just filed for the clearinghouse. I should clear through them easily. My grades are good."

On Rutgers

"I like Rutgers I have been there a few times. I am thinking maybe going to a prep school and getting an extra year. I am only 16. If I got an extra year and could bulk up it would help me out. I would like to take a look at Rutgers. Rutgers is one of my number one choices. I went to their practices they were good."

This season

   " I am the captain of the team. I have had 5 or 6 sacks. I probably have like 40 tackles which include about 8 or 9 for loss. I have two fumble     recoveries."


   "Last year I was the starting tight end for about three games but I broke my arm. So this is my comeback year. I think that because of that a lot of schools don't know about me."    

    "I am also a wrestler, this is my first year wrestling and I was fourth in the district. My academics are good. I have a 3.0."

    "I am looking forward to college football. If I don't get picked up by anyone I am going to walk on. I am definitely going to grow some more. I am only 16 and my dad is 6-8 and played college basketball. I expect to end up being about 6-6."

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