Brian Fitzgerald

Brian Fitzgerald, 6-0, 180, WR, 4.4,  Estero HS,  Estero FL            

I got word of Brian from a Rutgers fan who told me of his fantastic performance over the weekend. Brian talked about that and other things when I caught up to him on Monday night.                    


"Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Duke, Connecticut, Miami"


"No offers as of yet. I think that Rutgers and Pittsburgh have asked for my transcripts. Harvard and William and Mary have asked for my grades also. I have good grades and I'll be taking my ACT in the near future."


"I wouldn't mind going to Pittsburgh. They through the ball a lot but I am wide open in my choice of schools."


On what he brings to a team:

"I am a playmaker. In our homecoming game we were down by two touchdowns and I was running a fly pattern but the QB threw the ball short. I went back and battled the defensive back for the ball and as I was coming down I caught the ball and brought it in. On the next play I was running a post pattern through triple coverage (a linebacker, the strong safety and the free safety), I faked inside  but went outside of the strong safety and cut back in, the quarterback threw the ball right at me and the free safety who was still there on the coverage. I tipped the ball up, spun around and caught it before it hit the ground for a touchdown. That is my greatest strength. I am a playmaker and I feel I can deliver in the clutch."

On Rutgers:

"I have been getting more letters from them than from anyone else but I haven't heard from them on the phone yet. I got 8 letters today, 2 from Minnesota, 2 from Louisville and 4 from Rutgers. I hope that they give me a call. They are showing me a lot of interest."

What types of things will influence you decision on a team

"I want to know how much they throw the ball, what receivers they have, who will they recruit, what year the wide receivers are and how many wide receivers are in the program. I want to know who is the quarterback. Who are they recruiting at quarterback. Things like that."

Last Season Honors and Stats

"I played behind Micah Rucker and Mickey Bridley. They got most of the passes. I have 425 yards but Micah had 855 yards and Mickey and 765 yards, so I played in their shadow."


Through only eight games, Fitzgerald has caught for 900 yards and 10 touchdowns.  That total includes a 10-reception, 356 yard, three-touchdown performance against Mariner HS last Friday. That was the sixth all time receiving total for a game in national high school sports history.

"I am pretty strong. At the Nike camp, I put up 185 15 times. At the end of my work out a couple of weeks ago. I power cleaned 250. that was at the end of the work out. I would probably do 255. I play soccer and was all conference. I also run track. I run the 200. I have also run some hurdles."

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