2004 Defensive End Rankings

After complete film work over the summer here are the expanded rankings for the defensive ends eligible in 2004. Past performances as well as the first month of the 2003 season have all played a part in this early draft board. Expect complete scouting reports posted within the week.

2004 Defensive End Rankings

Rank Full Name School Year
1 David Pollack Georgia 3Jr

Intense, explosive defender that plays non-stop and forces the action in every area of the field. Lacks the great size/speed numbers but reminds us a lot of Grant Wistrom.

2 Will Smith Ohio State 4Sr

Terrific pass rusher with a good amount of upside potential as he physically matures. Deceptively strong and does better defending the run than most credit him for.

3 Claude Harriot Pittsburgh 5Sr

Complete defensive end that creates a lot of havoc up the field, destroying the oppositions plays behind the line of scrimmage. A tad undersized and best on the right side.

4 Antwan Odom Alabama 4Jr
Very good athlete that flashes dominance and the ability to make big plays behind the line of scrimmage.
5 Jonathan Jackson Oklahoma 3Jr

Very underrated defender. Turning into the player Jimmy Wilkerson never became.

6 Chris Canty Virginia 4Jr

Excellent run defending edge lineman that would be a great two-gap player at the next level.

7 Nathaniel Adibi Virginia Tech 5Sr

Explosive pass rusher and fine athlete that makes plays out to the flanks. Could possibly stand up over tackle in a 34-defense.

8 Mathias Kiwanuka Boston College 3So

Young, developing lineman that has all the ingredients to be a special prospect in the future.

9 Bobby McCray Florida 5Sr

Tall, slender athlete and a lineman that makes plays up the field or out to the flanks. Displayed a continual line of progress at UF.

10 Kenechi Udeze USC 3So

Pass rushing terror that will only get better as he physically matures.

11 Marquise Hill LSU 3Jr

Another best over right tackle defending the run with the possibility to be a two-gap lineman at the next level.

12 Darrion Scott Ohio State 4Sr

Defends the run and makes plays in the backfield.

13 Isaac Hilton Hampton 5Sr

Small school prospect whose best football lay ahead of him. Good athlete yet also quick in the head.

14 Marcus Spears LSU 3Jr

Displays great pass rushing skills on occasion but needs to pull the pieces togther.

15 Gabe Nyenhuis Colorado 5Sr

Underrated to our minds and a very good lineman with a large degree of upside.

16 Jason Babin Western Michigan 4Sr

A lesser version of former Louisville lineman Dewayne White.

17 Andrew Shull Kansas St 5Sr

Explosive pass rushing end very much in the K-State mold.

18 Bill Swancutt Oregon St 3Jr
19 Tyson Smith Iowa St 4Sr
20 Cols Colas Virginia Tech 5Sr
21 James Davis Virginia Tech 4Jr
22 Dave Ball UCLA 5Sr
23 Bo Schobel TCU 5Sr
24 Vincent Burns Kentucky 4Jr
25 Greg Taplin Michigan St 4Sr
26 Kalen Thorton Texas 4Sr
27 Brady Poppinga BYU 4Jr
28 Khaleed Vaughn Clemson 5Sr
29 Roderick Green Central Missouri State 5Sr
30 Jared Allen Idaho St 4Sr
31 Travis LaBoy Hawaii 5Sr
32 Howard Hodges Iowa 5Sr
33 Omar Nazel USC 5Sr
34 Derrick Strong Illinois 4Sr
35 Reggie Torbor Auburn 5Sr
36 Erasmus James Wisconsin 4Sr
37 Shaun Phillips Purdue 5Sr
38 Linnis Smith Texas A&M 4Sr
39 Jon Babineaux Iowa 4Jr
40 Shawn Johnson Delaware 4Sr
41 Nautyn Loescher Alabama 4Sr
42 Larry Stevens Michigan 5Sr
43 Thomas Houchin Kansas St 5Sr
44 Charlie Anderson Mississippi 4Sr
45 Josh Thomas Syracuse 5Sr
46 Trevor Johnson Nebraska 5Sr
47 Kevin Nesfield Purdue 5Sr
48 Raheem Orr Rutgers 5Sr
49 Kevin Emanuel Florida St 5Sr
50 Quinn Dorsey Oregon 5Sr
51 Alain Kashama Michigan 5Sr
52 Nate Putnam Utah St 4Sr
53 Jason Frank Northern Illinois 4Sr
54 James Wyche Syracuse 3Jr
55 Tom Martin Boston College 5Sr
56 Brian Montesanto Arizona St 5Sr
57 Jason Kaufusi Utah 5Sr
58 Darrell Lee Florida 5Sr
59 Lennie Day Mississippi State 5Sr
60 Louis Hobson Stanford 5Sr
61 Josh Cooper Mississippi 5Sr
62 Paul Terrell Southern Miss 5Sr
63 Dwayne LeFall Akron 4Jr
64 Mike O'Brien Illinois 5Sr
65 Frank Ofili Toledo 5Sr
66 Khreem Smith Oklahoma State 5Sr
67 Scott Smith Maryland 5Sr
68 Greg Gathers Georgia Tech 5Sr
69 Phil Smith Miami-Oh 5Sr
70 Fred Blueford West Virginia 5Sr
71 Farouk Adelekan Houston 4Sr
72 Treveco Lucas Memphis 5Sr
73 Mark Weivoda Idaho State 5Sr
74 Michale Spicer Western Carolina 5Sr
75 Ronald Jones Southern Miss 5Sr
76 John Thompson La-Monroe 5Sr
77 Keith Adamson Ohio 4Sr
78 Derace James La-Lafayette 5Sr
79 Constantin Ritzmann Tennessee 5Sr
80 Paul White Hampton 5Sr
81 Clarence Denning Fresno State? 3Jr

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