Recruiting Update - Izzy Bauta received word last week that an offensive lineman out of Brooklyn named Idris "Izzy" Bauta had been offered by Ohio State and was high on the Buckeyes. We caught up with Bauta's coach today to find out more about this prospect.

Every year, there are recruits that fans and media don't learn about until late in the process. This year, one such player is Idris "Izzy" Bauta of Brooklyn (NY) Poly Prep.

Bauta, who is Albanian, stands in at 6-4, 275.

"He's a lean 275," said head coach Craig Jacoby. "He'll go 300 easy." got word a few days ago that Bauta had received an Ohio State offer, and Coach Jacoby confirmed that.

"I got the letter right here," he said.

As a matter of fact, Bauta and his father could be in Columbus this weekend for the Purdue game. The coach said he was pretty sure they would make their way to the Horseshoe this Saturday.

Izzy is high on OSU as well as Maryland.

"Maryland is the other school he is looking at the hardest," the coach said. "Rutgers is close to home, so they will get a hard look.

"He's got offers from Maryland, Duke, Indiana, and Rutgers. Stanford likes him but needs tackles and sees him as a guard. Notre Dame, Northwestern and Syracuse have all shown interest."

No official visit to Ohio State is set up right now, but there will be soon as they are attempting to set a date with Coach Snyder.

"I'm trying to get in touch with him now," said the coach.

The Buckeyes have been recruiting Bauta for some time now.

"Jim Bollman was here in the spring," the coach said. "(Izzy) expected the offer to come in December, but it came three weeks ago, maybe four."

The coach had plenty to say about Bauta as a player.

"He had a great year as an offensive lineman," he said. "He runs really well and he's a great pass blocker.

"He's shown a lot of mental toughness and physical toughness. That's the one thing that really stands out this year."

Izzy is a long-limbed kid who puts up mid-300s on the bench and squats 600. The coach also says Izzy has great explosion and great hips. Izzy also can shoot some hoops.

"He plays basketball," Coach Jacoby said. "He has really great feet."

Poly plays a tough schedule as they've lost two games in four years, playing against teams every year that have had national rankings. They lost their first game of the year to the #3 team in the country (as ranked by USA Today), and they haven't lost since.

"He's used to playing under pressure," the coach said.

Izzy also has excellent bloodlines as his brothers can play some football as well.

"He's got a brother at Duke," the coach said. "He was 240 going into his senior, came out at 275 and is 290 right now.

"His oldest brother was a four-year starter at Bucknell."

Coach Jacoby said that wherever Izzy winds up, he'll probably major in business. His family owns a restaurant in Manhattan.

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