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Not happy with the coaching:

Mike, I couldn't agree with your assessment of the game more. We literally gave away another one. These coaching decisions are making even me look like an expert, and I never actually played the game! Everyone around me was asking why the heck RU insisted on trying to run the ball when clearly Boston had our number in that second half. Everybody was wanting to see Hart go with the pass. But we just stupidly kept insisting on doing what wasn't going to work. And sure enough, it wore down our defense to the point where we just had nothing left to stop them at the end. Not to mention the back-breaking lack of morale that it caused. We all could see it. I feel so damned badly for the players.
After all the back-stabbing crap that B.C. has dealt the conference, this was the time and opportunity to stick it to them, and our coaches seemed to let them, and the fans, and for that matter, the remnants of the conference, down BIG time!


Not happy with the coaching and more:

I agree w/ your assessment. However our "D," specifically our pass D, wasn't that good [no pressure) and LB from what I saw on TV missed a lot of tackles and over pursued w/o seeing ball. DB seemed to be out of position most of the time. TE beat us a lot and when BC receivers were open "they were open" w/ know one around. Our kickoff special teams stunk. We need a good field goal kicker as Sands and whoever else we have isn't getting the job done.
The "O" never stretched their secondary to help w/ run and forced the run issue w/ 8 in box.
We can't finish a game. We are better, but youth as an excuse now is over as we are 10 games into season.
I felt as if the play calling was conservative by RU so Hart doesn't lose game w/ TO and that's why we saw short passing (other than the TD 2nd play of game) and to much running.
2 weeks in a row we falter in 2nd half. 6-4 would be looking good now w/ SU beatable.
Schiano is going to hear about "his coaching" rather than players losing it.
Our "D" was tired halfway into 3rd and it was down hill from there. When your tired, you can't tackle and "O" didn't help w/ 3 and outs.
Oh well! 

Not only unhappy with the coaching but baffled by it

Your recap of the BC game?  Dead ON.
This insistence on running the ball on virtually every first down in the second half was...INEXPLICABLE, especially with no Hairston to go to.  Even you and I could find a way to stop Brian Leonard if we knew he was getting the ball, play after play.  That is to take nothing away from him - he may be, pound for pound, when all is said and done, the best player ever on the Banks.
What makes it even more baffling was the fact that Ryan Hart was in complete command in the first half, throwing perhaps the best balls of his career.
Rutgers had BC reeling and what do they do?  They go into a shell, rather than going for the jugular.
With about 1:40 remaining the the first half, RU had the ball at about their own 40 and Schiano, who has certainly shown the propensity to be aggressive and not settle in the past, decided to run out the clock.
That set the tone for the rest of the game.
No question, the red team was the better team on the field yesterday and no question, they are still very young and need to learn how to win -that would include Coach Schiano, whose ability to build this program, to recruit and to motivate can hardly be questioned at this point but you know, the players weren't calling the plays in the second half.


Happy for the future and longing for Boston College

Our talent level is clearly improved and we should have won this game. I never thought that I would long to have Boston College on the schedule. But they will be leaving just at the same time that they'll become our cannon fodder.

What a drag.


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