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More on this weekend's play calling

You nailed it!  It wasn't the turnovers--there were wasn't the penalties--a fraction of last week' was the coachs' brain farts--gotta change their pregame meal!  Can't afford any more of these in the next two weeks!


This fan was a little less harsh

Mike, I went to my first RU game in over 2 years yesterday. As you know, I have moved to Dallas. WOW! What an improvement. This team is 50 points better than that of two years ago. We should all know where we are and treat things accordingly. For all of you unhappy with the play calling, I get it. However, I am ecstatic. Remember what people were saying about Coach Beamer in year three. Coach Schiano is doing things unlike Rutgers has ever done. For that reason alone, I will respect him. In other words, he gets a pass for three more years. People do not know what we have. I do. Have a great Thanksgiving.

And Bill Hodge sent me this note on the verbal of Dwayne Jones

What is Rutgers trying to do-----become as good as my beloved hawkeyes?



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