Carlos Feliciano

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Carlos Feliciano

Carlos Feliciano (OL/DL, 6'5"-280lbs) from Elizabeth H.S in Elizabeth, New Jersey is one of the most highly recruited players in the state of New Jersey. He has the potential to play either guard or tackle on the collegiate level along with the ability to add 30 to 40 more pounds.


18 written offers including OSU, UVa, MD, Iowa, Purdue, UCLA, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina State.


OSU 12/5
UVa 12/12
MD 12/19
Iowa 1/23
possibles - MSU, Wisc, Pitt, BC

How does he feel about his favorites?

- great program and tradition
- Need OLs
- Good academics and facilities

UVa & MD
- Visited
- Good football tradition
- Up and coming program
- Opportunity to play early
- Not too far away from Home

- great program and tradition
- do not have a lot of depth on the OL

- On defense, he has sacks 3
- On offense, he has not allowed a sack

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