Coach's Huddle Report


Coach's Huddle

Features a catered luncheon with Coach Schiano speaking about the previous and upcoming RU Football games to those in audience.

Regarding the contest vs Boston College:

    Schiano:  "I don't really feel like talking about it anymore.  It's been really tough".  Discussion of this game was much shorter than that of previous games.  Despite that Coach Schiano still seemed quite upbeat.  He re-iterated that it is important to "see where we've been and where we're going.

Regarding the upcoming contest vs Miami:

    Schiano:  "We're excited at the opportunity.  We're excited about winning these two games and getting another game in there along with some more practices.  We've been utilizing the bubble trying to prepare for the heat down there.  Our team will be ready to play.  The main questions are whether we can keep control of the football and whether we can win on Special teams."

  Questions from the audience:

Q:  What happened during the last 2 minutes of the B.C. game (in reference to the TD)?  A:  We felt pretty good about stopping them and we committed 10 of our 11 to the LOS.

Q:  Any thought, on 4th & 5, on the attempted game-tying FG to go for the 1st down? A:  No, there was no hesitation.

Q:  Any consideration on using a 2-minute drill type of offense during parts of the game? A:  It might be something to consider for the future given our skill at the wideout positions.

Q:  I really do happen to know why we lost the game last was pretty obvious it was the red pants.  Who dresses these guys? A:  Well, I've seen some of the things you've worn and I'm glad it's not you (laughter)...but really, they get excited about the combination red pants and if they like it they use it.

Q: After the very first drive of the game there seemed to be an effort to stay away from spreading the B.C. defense vertically.  What was the reason from staying away from that and what was the reason for the high frequency of 1st and 2nd down runs? A: B.C. runs a Cover-2 deep zone [both CBs have safety help on the deep ball] which was effective.  We actually called about 10 deep throws but only about 2 throws went deep.  Unfortunately we didn't always check-off to the right receiver (referencing to curl patterns 10 yards out).  As far as running on 1st down, when we gain 3 yards on 1st down that is very good.  What you want to do is cut down the yards you need to get in about half every time you run the ball.  So, if you have 1st and 10 and get 3 yards, you're left with 2nd and 7.  If you run again and get half that, you're left with a 3rd and 3 or 4.  The formula is the right formula, we just didn't do the very thing we've been doing all year - convert on 3rd down.

Q:  Can you give us an injury update? A: Certainly.  Justice has practiced, but he is not 100%.  I don't know how much he will be able to play this week, if at all.  Ryan Hart is fine.

Q:  I have 3 questions.  Nate Robinson, Cris Baker, and have you given any thought to running a fake FG with Ted Trump? A:  Nate is getting better every day.  The problem here is unfair expectations.  I am glad we played him because he now has a feel for what is going on.  Cris Baker is struggling, no doubt about it.  He's incredibly gifted and he just needs to continue to work at it.  As far as the fake FG question, we're always thinking about those things.


Final Note on RU attendance:

I don't think we've given (the fans) the full reason to have to come.  When we do, this place will be packed.



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