Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis - RE/LB - 6-2, 250, 4.69/40 - Plainfield, NJ (Plainfield)

‘Tis the season to be taking some visits. Well, that's to say that right about now, most recruits around the country don't have the fortune of playing anymore football and if Basketball hasn't taken up most of their time or wrestling, well, it's off to see the wonderful world of official visits.

Daniel Davis has tried to get all his set up but said that aside from Rutgers (Dec. 12th) and Nebraska (19th), figuring out the rest isn't so easy.

Daniel had his list sort of figured out, but recent interest from schools like Iowa have made him think a little differently about just who's going to make the final cut. "I think they (Iowa) are going to offer me and they told me they want me to come there for an official visit." Daniel said.

Right now Daniel says he doesn't have a leader, but also said that you can take whoever he's visiting officially and logic would say that they are the teams to beat.

The one issue with the Cornhuskers of course is the recent story about possible coaching changes occurring in Lincoln. This prompted by a story about Athletic Director, Steve Pederson allegedly trying to force head coach, Frank Solich out of his current position.

The effect it could have on recruits is varying in it's degrees and for Davis, he gave his thoughts on what possibly losing the head coach would mean to him. "I wouldn't like that too much." Daniel said of the head coach being removed. "And it's only because I have talked to other people and they said that it happened to them that when the head coach was gone, they wouldn't honor the scholarship commitments to them anymore."

"After you sign that letter of intent, you are high and dry and if the head coach leaves and they don't honor your scholarship, what are you going to do?"

Valid concerns from the New Jersey standout, which obviously raises more concerns for NU and how expeditious they are in whatever they do, especially addressing the issue created by the Lincoln Journal Star.

Daniel did say that Nebraska was one of his favorites without question and would have to know something concrete about the whole situation before he would make any decisions regarding them. He also said that Linebacker coach, Jimmy Williams is in regular contact with him each week, so he would ask him about the issue when he called.

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