Basketball Top 40

PANGOS East Coast
Top 40 Camp

November 23rd 2003

Mantua Recreation Center

Philadelphia, PA

This high quality showcase was one of the best fall events that I've had the pleasure of working with.and/or attending. PANGOS an upstart basketball company that runs some of the best grassroots basketball events in the United States, supplied local basketball organizers Littel Vaughn and Charles Alexander of Elite Sports with shirts and jerseys and allowed them to put on a showcase for some of the Phiadelphia area's top 9th and 10th graders. Vaughn and Alexander soon recruited TedSilary.Com/Philly Prep Hoops Report east coast basketball guru, Amauro "Amar" Austin, former University City High School and University of Montana star (and hopefully a future reporter for Marcus Rosser, and yours truly to help them select and rate talent for this event. Also, they were very appreciative of the help they received from volunteer counselors : Sean Singletary (Virginia signee), Rob Kurz (Notre Dame signee), Bilal Benn (Siena signee) and Cobey Williams (recreation league legend likely will star at a California junior college next year).

The event unlike others was aimed at not only providing a forum for the top young players on the East Coast but also a chance for the players to receive instruction from their older peers namely Singletary and Benn. If I may say so it went extremely well. From the opening lecture from Vaughn to the conclusion of the Top 20 All-Star Game it was all round success.

Top 10 Performers

Wayne Ellington 6'5 CG Episcopal Academy (Merion Station, PA)(2006)
Ellington, who arrived fashionably late did what he does best, win over more and more believers in a matter of seconds. With some big time (Kobe like) dribble moves he shows excellent ball control and he always seems to make the right pass. He wasn't shooting too many jumpers and a couple of times he should have pulled up and knocked down fifteen footers. But for the most part he was exceptional.

Leonard 6'3 WG Frankford High School (Philadelphia, PA) (2006)
Lefty turned it up in the top 20 game. He went to the hole hard for a vicious slam over a couple of players. Hit the deep three early and often. Also battled with anybody in the vicinity for buckets near the rim. Leonard is being compared to former Bartram star Richard "Franchise" Francis by Austin and others. Was an easy selection as MVP for the top 20 game.

LaMarr Sanders 6'2 CG Frankford High School (Philadelphia, PA) 2006
Sanders is a real find: a big point guard with the ability to knock down the open jumper, his real strength is his excellent feel for the game. Sanders who has to be around 210 pounds (solid though). Is one of those classic Philadelphia mystery players who comes from seemingly nowhere. He was also very tough on the boards and generally unselfish.

Joshua Martin 5'11 PG Cardinal Dougherty (Philadelphia, PA) (2007)
Has many characteristics of Kyle Lowry and Mustafa Shakur. His crowd pleasing ball handling skills had the crowd going bananas. He whipped passes into the low post with regularity. Martin also went right at older, stronger players with relative ease. Martin, who is consensus top 150 nationally in his class looks like he has a lot of growing to do. His father is around 6'3, so he could like his summertime workout buddy Shakur grow to 6'4.

Matthew "Moo-Moo" Johnson 5'10 PG Strawberry Mansion (Philadelphia, PA) (2006)
Had a very good clinic. He went at it with many quality guards. Physically strong, he was able to control smaller players with his impressive upper body strength. Normally a better jump-shooter than he showed today. He was one of the camp's top passers. In the Top 20 game routinely showed quick hand to eye reactions (is a top baseball performer as well) to strip opponents.

Bradley Samuel 6'3 CG Roman Catholic (Philadelphia, PA) (2007)
Had a solid performance. Samuel is remarkably consistent in his performances and his effort level. Has serious intangibles to go with his considerable talent. Has a knack for finishing hard drives in traffic at a young age. Also, displays a good amount of savvy for a young player. Samuel a hardnosed do everything type has made big game performances a habit.

Ramsey Gavin 6'6 SF/PF John Bartram (Philadelphia, PA) (2006)
Has a very high upside has an intriguing build that suggests growth is ac certainty. In the drills showed good ball handling skills and finished aggressively at the rack on more than one occasion. Runs the floor effortlessly.

Janardo Lucas 5'10 PG William Penn (Philadelphia, PA) (2006)
Lucas is an extremely strong guard who much like another heralded classmate - Raymond "Doodles" Sims is a strong lefty point guard. Lucas whoever can score and while not as great a passer as Sims, he is even more physical.

Brandon Williams 5'11 CG Franklin Learning Center (Philadelphia, PA) (2006)
As a point guard showed excellent passing and defensive skills. Quickly became a leader on the floor and distributed the ball rather evenly amongst teammates. As a two-guard hit open jumper and converted hard forays in the lane.

Eugene Moss 6'2 WG Strawberry Mansion (Philadelphia, PA) (2006)
Moss is a scorer, or in lay terms he "gets buckets" Moss still has defensive work to do, but on occasion he did fight for rebounds. Has a sweet stroke from deep, and knows how to get open and how to score. In the drills seemed to "glide" to the hoop, he sure is graceful.

Other Performers to Remember:

Malcolm Eleby 6'1 CG Franklin Learning Center (2007)
Maurice Hooper 6'4 WF John Bartram (2006)
Antoine Brown 6'4 WF Edmunds MS (2008)
Brian Samuel 6'1 WG Roman Catholic (2007)
Justin Minter 6'0 WG Cardinal Dougherty (2007)
Kenny Spotwood 6'1 WF Frankford High (2007)
Khalil Mumford 5'9 CG Cardinal Dougherty (2007)
Curtis Jackson 6'2 WG Martin Luther King High (2006)


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