Rob Crudup

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Rob Crudup

Rob Crudup (OL/DL, 6'2"-305lbs, 4.96, Bench Press 335lbs) is an athletic offensive linemen, who projects as a guard or center on the collegiate level. His speed coupled with his size would make him a good trapping guard or an athletic center.

Who is interested?

To date, Crudup does not have a scholarship offer. However, he has a lot of interest from Rutgers, Virginia, Hostra, and Oregon

With this type of ability, why no offers?

He stated that most schools have him on just below their top prospects. If those players decide to go elsewhere, Crudup will receive the first call. He also stated that his height could be an issue. For the normal portion of the population, 6'2" is relatively tall. However, for a major college lineman it is on the borderline. Although the potential is evident for Crudup, this maybe a reason why many recruiters have been waiting to offer. But, an offer could be a phone call away.

What about Rutgers?

Rutgers seems the most interested. They see him as an offensive lineman. However, Crudup stated that he will play wherever they want him to play. He stated that Rutgers will probably offer an official visit.

If no Division IA offer is made, what are your alternatives? Prep school, JUCO, or walk-on?

If he does not obtain an offer, he stated that he will probably go the prep school route. His primary choice will be the Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey.

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