Shon Green

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Shon Green

Shon Green (5'10"-185lbs, 4.4) from Winslow Township HS Atco, NJ in , New Jersey is one of the best RBs in state. This year, he ran for over 1200 yards and 12 TDs. For his efforts, he has received over 10 scholarship offers. He has narrowed his selection to Rutgers, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Clemson.

How did you like the visit?

He was surprised how comfortable he felt with the players and coaches. The interaction between them made him feel at home.

What did you do on your visit?

He viewed the facilities, saw highlight films, went to the ESPN Zone, and had a position meeting with his position coach. During the position meeting, he stated that the session increased his knowledge of the game and his position. He felt that the RB coach provides a great insight into the game and makes the offense easier for the Rutgers RBs

Who was your host?

Shawn Tucker

Who did you hang with?

Shawn Tucker, Tres Moses and the coaches much of the time.

Did anyone verbal?

Not sure.

Your impressions of Rutgers?

Really liked the people and the social environments. The visit really changed his mind about the program. He feels that they are headed in the right direction. They are a young team and things are coming together. He stated that he might have preferred leaving the state for school, but Rutgers is now a possible destination.

Next visits

Iowa - 12/12

Wisconsin - 12/19

Clemson - ???

He stated that he would probably make his commitment after his visit to Clemson in January. However, he currently does not have a leader.

Biggest factor in his decision?

His comfort zone. Must like the players, coaches, and environment.

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