Jon Fields

Jon Fields, 6--3, 290, 5.0, OL, DL, Matawan Regional, Matawan    

How did you like the visit?

"I liked it a lot it was good."

What did you do?

"We went to a lot of different place, the academic facilities, the athletic facilities, we got on the train and we went to ESPN Zone. It was  a lot of fun. The weather stopped us from going to the basketball game but that was about it. It was so much fun that the weather didn't bother me. I also met with the offensive line coach, he was a cool guy."

Who was your host?

"Ron Greene"

Who did you hang with?

"Pretty much the whole team. Ron Greene is a character. He is a funny guy, a great sense of humor"

Did anyone verbal?

"Just the guys who had already verballed."

Your impressions of Rutgers?

"The visit just confirmed that I had made a good decision. I didn't expect that the facilities would be so good. I didn't realize how good the academic reputation is as good as it is. The coaches and players made me feel at home, they made me fell like I was part of the Rutgers family."


"I don't know if I'll play next year or be red shirted. Time will tell."

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