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What follows is the transcript of the chat session with Recruiting Expert Mike Bakas.

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MikeFasano:: Hey, BD.
MikeBakas:: hey guys
MikeFasano:: Hey Mike
JayLCanter:: Mike, the only real concerns I have going into next year are the OL and ofcourse the defense. I know Chazz Lynn has verballed, and Tre redshirted, but do you see Schiano going heavy on DB's ...I'd love to get Ferrine and Collins.
JayLCanter:: Hey Mike B.
MikeFasano:: Mike, Where do we stand with Florida linemen?
bigdog77:: All I know is what Jean told me. He said that UConn pressed them to commit, which was a turn-off.
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MikeFasano:: I am glad they turned him off. I hear Dan Davis liked his visit there.
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JayLCanter:: Speaking of UCONN, how much top D-1 talent does the state of Connecticut put out?
bigdog77:: They both liked the visit for "various" reasons. It would be a surprised if they attended the school.
MikeBakas:: Rutgers is in real good shape with some of the kids down here because they're relentless in pursuit. Akeem Robinson told Miami no thanks to a Jan. 23 visit because that's when he goes to Rutgers. A. Dixon comes that weekend. EJ Jones also.
MikeBakas:: I spoke to Ferrine last night and I think Rutgers has as good a shot as any.
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JayLCanter:: Mike B.., what can you tell us about the status of Toney Collins and his interest level?
bigdog77:: One of my former teammates coaches Ferrine, he says the only real competition for his service is UVa.
MikeBakas:: Toney Collins may sign but he'll spend a couple years in a Junior College.
bigdog77:: He stated that Ferrine will play right away for Rutgers. Please note that he played Div 1 football and coached a number of Div 1 players, including an All-Big East selection.
MikeBakas:: 77: That sounds accurate, although it MIGHT change if Notre Dame offers.
matei:: Mike (Bakas or Fasano): Zuttah & Trautwein. Do we have a good shot of landing both or either one?
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MikeBakas:: I think Zuttah and Trautwein will likely leave the state.
JayLCanter:: To piggy back on Matei, I'll throw in Feliciano.
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bigdog77:: Zuttah and Trautwein will probably go elsewhere. Probably OSU and MSU, respectively.
bigdog77:: Feliciano will probably go to MD or OSU.
JayLCanter:: Who is the next crop of OL behind those two that RU will go after?
MikeFasano:: Mike, I know that Beljour and Dan Davis are visiting RU next weekend; are any Florida kids coming in?
bigdog77:: There is not much talent that Rutgers is looking for beyond those two. They would probably look to Fla for OLs.
matei:: Mike Bakas: not directly prospect related, but how are other Florida schools dealing with RU in Florida. Is RU something they are concerned with, recruiting wise, or are we still not targeting the type of impact player the big3 go after?
MikeBakas:: Mike: From what I understand, the bulk of the Florida kids will be visiting on Jan 23.
bigdog77:: Regarding the next tier, I feel that Michael Juliana at Holy Cross and Rob Crudup is on the next level of OLs in NJ.
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costaro: How many Juco's are realistic commits?
JayLCanter: I like that the Florida kids will be coming later in the recruiting season. That potentially could be their last visit and maybe RU just blows them away and they verbal.
MikeBakas: matei: Rutgers isn't involved with the same kids that UM, FSU, and Florida recruit. Nor are they really involved with the kids Ohio State, Auburn, etc recruit. However, they're recruiting quality kids and it's adding up. There was a lot of speed on the field when UM played RU and there's no reason that shouldn't continue.
RUMikey: Mike Bakas - Can you tell me where RU stands with Renold Fenelus and Cory Hyman (Fl lineman)?
bigdog77: Regarding OLs, I would think that Akeem Robinson, Chris Rutledge are players that Rutgers have a good shot at in Fla.
JayLCanter: Mike Bakas, would a good example of that be someone like Bobby Washington and then a guy like Dmitri Linton?
MikeBakas: I haven't spoken to Renold. Hyman is very high on Rutgers, same with Pitt. West Va. is creeping up lately.
RUNick: MB do we have a legit shot with Jackey Claude or Dixon?
MikeBakas: Jay: Yes. They didn't battle anyone for Linton, who had an awesome senior year.
MikeBakas: RU: No on Claude, yes on Dixon.
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JayLCanter: Mike, how much impact if any at all, did that win over Syracuse help Rutgers in recruiting south Florida. Surely, it must feel better for Schiano going down there with an improved 5-7 season over a 4-8 season.
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MikeBakas: It makes a big difference. The biggest thing RU has going for them is they're headed in the right direction and a big reason is they have so many FL kids on the roster.
bigdog77: Although it may be in a few weeks, I feel that Jean Beljour and Ferrine might commit to Rutgers. I would expect mid-Jan.
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(27highstreet joined) RUNick: Is Liverpool strongly considering RU or will he go out of state?
bigdog77: Regarding the record, it made a big impact on recruiting. It opened up a lot of people's eyes - not just prospects'.
matei: Mike there was a recent article (about 1 or 2 weeks ago) about Dmitri Linton being heavily looked at by other schools (without actually mentioning any schools). Have you heard anything else regarding Linton?
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JayLCanter: Going back to the record, do any recruits feel that they can perhaps be the one that gets RU over that hump and plays a major role in getting that win over UCONN or BC, and thus, their interest level in RU grows because of that?
bigdog77: Liverpool is considering Rutgers - He would like to play both baseball and football.
RUNick: BD or Mike: What is the thinking behind the JUCO recruiting? Schiano began by saying he wouldn't recruit them [but] now he seems to be. Have guys like Clancy, Segaloff and Boxill not panned out as expected?
MikeFasano: BD better handle that.
MikeFasano: Mike, What do you think of Linton?
MikeBakas: matei: That's true but he's pretty strong on Rutgers. I think he's a very talented back. You don't run for that many yards in 6A in Florida by accident. If he were a hair bigger, he'd be a major prospect.
bigdog77: It is tough to say a recruit feels that he is the "difference maker". Most want to be a part of a winning program. Guys like Ferrine, Howard, and Beljour, Greene are examples.
bigdog77: Regarding JUCO recruiting - Not to speak for Schiano. But he has some immediate wholes to fill - OL and DL. JUCO is a fastest way to fill a whole.
RUNick: thx.
matei: Mike - is Toal headed to B.C?
MikeFasano: Except for the fact that everyone wants those guys.
bigdog77: I hear that BC has a good shot at Toal.
matei: yeah, that would not be very...hhhmmm...nice.
JayLCanter: Has Schiano talked to Liverpool about possibly letting him play baseball if he came to RU?
RUNick: Have the Big East defections/additions made an impact with any recruits? It seems like most guys are taking a "wait and see" approach.
MikeFasano: Mike, what defensive linemen in FL are we involved with?

RUNick: MB: It amazes me that RU is the first to offer some guys especially Rutledge. Do we scout better than the big three in their own backyard?
bigdog77: On a whole, I think that Rutgers will have a good recruiting class. From what I see now, they will have an unbelievable one next year with the likes of Eugene Monroe and the Hackensack Trinity.
JayLCanter: Monroe's pretty sold on coming here already, huh?
MikeBakas: I'd be surprised if Brian Toal went anywhere besides BC.
JayLCanter: Two blue chippers from NJ that we don't talk about on here at all. ..Dwayne Jarrett and Dewayne Hendricks .. ...any shot whatsoever?
MikeBakas: Mike: Antonio Dixon, the kid from Pace, and EJ Jones are big ones.

MikeFasano: Mike what do you think of the kid from Pace. I just found out about him.

bigdog77: Regarding Monroe, Rutgers has done a great job recruiting him. But when Michigan, OSU, Notre Dame and the like enter the picture it will be hard. It will depend on the record and the strength of the relationship with the kid.
MikeBakas: Mike: Fast kid. he's not quite as big as he's listed but he's athletic enough to be getting some looks.
bigdog77: Jarrett and Hendricks are going elsewhere.
RUNick: what position is Akeem Robinson being recruited for?
bigdog77: Everyone remember this name - Danny Oquendo. He is a very good player out of Hackensack that I would be surprised if he did not attend Rutgers.
bigdog77: He is a junior.
MikeFasano: Another name to remember Tommy Larkin, linebacker next year.
matei: Mike B: In the end, assuming Zuttah and Trautwein are going out of state, which are our most likely OL targets/verbals?
RUNick: BD: any rumors of possible transfers to and from?
MikeFasano: Already 6-3, 230 and can motor
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bigdog77: I do not know of any transfers out of the program but you never know...they might be some into the program.  Nuff said
JayLCanter: Is it too early to speculate which players may be changing positions next year?
JayLCanter: i.e. Clarence Pittman and Marcus Jones.

MikeBakas: Robinson is a left tackle prospect. Big kid, quick feet, long arms, very raw.
RU4ever: How good a prospect is Chazz Lynn?
bigdog77: It would be tough for those players to change positions. DBs would be a obvious choice but they do not seem to fit the build.
MikeFasano: Mike, where do you think Dorian Bryant ends up?
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MikeBakas: matei: Rob Crudup, Michael Juliana, as big dog mentioned, are 2 in state possibilities.  I've never seen C. Lynn.
MikeBakas: Mike: NC State or BC
MikeFasano: Mike, What is the story with Taurean Charles?
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bigdog77: Chazz Lynn is a player with a lot of speed and quickness. He will probably play CB or WR or KR.

bigdog77: Dorian Bryant will probably still go to BC. NC State is another option because of his high school coach's relationship with Amato.
RUNick: given that Toal is on another planet, is Chauncey Lewis the best LB in the state this year?
bigdog77: I am very interested to see what happens with Davon Clark. He can play either DL or OL. In my opinion, he should play OL due to the fact of his absence away from the program and the need for a OG.
JayLCanter: Seeing Davon Clark, I'm quickly reminded about the situation with Berkeley Hutchinson ... can you guys shed any light as to what's going on there?
bigdog77: We have a good shot at Chenry Lewis. He is another raw talent, who given a year in the weight program can be a good player.
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bigdog77: I do not know about the Berkeley situation and would not want to speculate.
MikeFasano: BD: why did Chenry decommit from Pitt?
bigdog77: There was a mix-up. Nuff said.
MikeFasano: Mike what is the story on Taurean Charles?
MikeBakas: Nick: I'd prefer Bo Olsen.
MikeBakas: Speaking of LB's, B. Hutchinson looked like a big time kid with a big future when he played Miami.
MikeFasano: We were looking at Bo as a fullback, I tend to doubt we take another fullback now.
MikeBakas: Mike: He's been having to deal with a lot of off the field problems, dating back to his days in middle school
matei: Mike B: will Taurean walk-on at Miami or is he headed elsewhere?

MikeBakas: what's the future hold for Nate Robinson in your opinions?
MikeBakas: matei: He won't walk on anywhere. Someone will give him a chance. It might be a smaller school locally (FAU, FIU).
MikeFasano: Nate's a moose. I saw him up close. Him and J'vonne will clog up the middle next year.
matei: yeah, I agree with Mike. The worst thing Nate had going for him was the expectation that he'd be Superman the second he put on that uniform...
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JayLCanter: Mike F., where does Nhemie Theodore stand with RU?
MikeFasano: I ought to give him a call.
bigdog77: Everyone knows that they need DLs, a number of players still have us on their list such as Christopher Young, Shukree Barfield, Carl Howard, Antonio Dixon, and the Salinardi brothers
paulru86: Mike F, any word on possible new verbals from the recent weekend?
bigdog77: I like J'vonne Parker. He is a big man with decent feet. It will be interesting to see how he develops in the Spring.
matei: Mike B: Can you shed some light on the recruiting classes of Syracuse, WVU, Pitt, UCONN and how they stack up against Rutgers?
MikeBakas: matei: I think it's again middle of the pack but they keep getting better every year.
paulru86: bigdog, How is Jvonne doing with his agreement with Coach S?
bigdog77: Since he has been practicing, I will assume fine.
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matei: Mike B: Have you seen Teel? If so what do you think? How about Eric Cumba?
paulru86: Great! I was encouraged to hear that Coach S. was still willing to give Clark a shot provided he does what needs to be done. I'm not sure on Clark's commitment though.
MikeBakas: matei: Teel looks good on tape. I think he's underrated. You can't substitute for accuracy. Cumba, no, but I heard he was a force at RUs summer camp.
paulru86: Mike B. I joined late, so if you answered this already,sorry. How is RU doing in Florida? Do we have a good shot with highly rated DL, OL and DBs?
MikeBakas: paul: Mostly OL, DL types for now. Guys like Akeem Robinson, EJ Jones, Antonio Dixon. Those kids are very talented and are high on Rutgers.
matei: MB and BD: On Cumba, how important is that 1 or 2 extra inches in the game? That seems to be the reason why schools aren't exactly beating down his doorstep.
MikeBakas: matei: It makes a difference because when a kid's shorter, so are his legs, arms, hands, reach, etc. It's easier to block the shorter kids, unless they have unbelievable strength and quickness
27highstreet: What is RU's chances with Dan Davis and Jean Beljour?
MikeBakas: I haven't spoken to Beljour lately. Davis, he seemed lukewarm the last time I talked to him.
bigdog77: Our chances of getting Beljour is good. Davis is not certain.
MikeBakas: hey guys, I gotta run. It was fun. Lets start making these happen on a regular basis.
matei: Thanks Mike B.
RUNick: thanks very much Mike B. you have been very insightful!
paulru86: Mike B as always thanks for your insight.
MikeFasano: Thanks for coming Mike
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bigdog77: Thanks a lot it was great.


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