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TomLuicci: ok mike. hi
MikeFasano: Good to have you.
TomLuicci: thanks
paulru86: Hi Tom
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paulru86: I had a question for you about the tone of sports writers articles
TomLuicci: hi ...... just did a west virginia radio show and they were asking all about rutgers
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paulru86: Your pre-turkey day article was luke warm before the SU win.
TomLuicci: wanted to know if i felt it was fair chris henry won big east rookie of the year over brian leonard
TomLuicci: that story was assigned to me a week in advance to address an issue about greg's game coaching
TomLuicci: i tried to be balanced and gave greg a lot of latitude to address the issue
TomLuicci: i presented the issue to him, with specifics, and allowed him to respond
TomLuicci: that's all you can do
MikeFasano: Tom, Jake Crowthamel his haveing a presse conference tomorrow. do you know what it is about.
TomLuicci: he is supposed to address the pasqualoni issue. the latest i've heard is that he wants pasqualoni to shake up his staff
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bigdog77: What are your feelings on the future (short term) for Rutgers and the Big East ; )
27highstreet: You beat me to it...where do you see the New Big East in 5 years? Does it lose the BCS Bid?
TomLuicci: looks like west virginia might be favored to win the big east next year. after that it's wide open
TomLuicci: i think the big east will keep its bid
TomLuicci: there is already too much of an assault on the bcs. they can't afford more hits
paulru86: How do you perceive RU recruiting right now?
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TomLuicci: they're battling the issue of inclusion, so they can't exclude the big east, i don't think
MikeFasano: That's good news.
TomLuicci: so far, there are some solid names, but i'm not sure enough needs have been addressed. i need to see more offensive linemen. a lot more
MikeFasano: Agreed.
TomLuicci: that's the only area that greg hasn't wowed me in his recruiting
TomLuicci: we'll see how jonathan fields pans out
paulru86: It has been slow in that area
TomLuicci: and he did get sosa and got to redshirt him, so that's good
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TomLuicci: sosa looks to be the left tackle next year
paulru86: Anybody know how Fladell is progressing?
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TomLuicci: he looks much better in terms of his conditioning. and he is huge. lol
TomLuicci: but he still appears to me to be a little slow and mechanical
TomLuicci: but that can change
TomLuicci: he has four more years
TomLuicci: but he was down to 330 or so after being 365
paulru86: I hope Clark can make the committment. I think he can help the OL immedicaTELY
TomLuicci: not sure about that yet. we'll see how that develops
Bump: Clark hasn't played much at all in three years. And hasn't practiced much, either. I wouldn't expect much from him.
TomLuicci: but duffy returning will help
TomLuicci: who knows if clark will even stay on offense if he returns?
paulru86: Just speculation on my part.
TomLuicci: i'm not sure, that's all i'm saying
TomLuicci: he's certainly a good athlete with nice size
bigdog77: offense seems to be the better position due to his absence...
TomLuicci: that means you can step back in there next august big dog?
TomLuicci: don't you still have a year left?
MikeFasano: Tom, What does the future hold for TV coverage of Big East football games
bigdog77: i wish
paulru86: Tom can you discribe the atmosphere in the sportswriters booth this year? surprise, skeptasim....?
TomLuicci: this year was one of the more enjoyable season to cover rutgers because they were in most games and most of the games were entertaining
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TomLuicci: and as i mentioned several times to people, i believe it's a good sign that greg has revived second guessing
TomLuicci: it means there is something to second guess now
paulru86: True
27highstreet: Tom, how much did the Syracuse game help the image Rutgers Football
bigdog77: was this Rutgers team the most talented that you have been involved with?
TomLuicci: but i can't say i'm surprised. i know i get a lot of grief on the boards, but on aug. 24 on news12 i predicted 5 wins and said six in a best-case scenario. so i'm not surprised
Bump: Tom, if you haven't addressed this already, what are your thoughts on WVU WR Chris Henry as Big East Rookie of the Year?
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TomLuicci: i thought it could have either gone to Henry or Leonard
TomLuicci: when you win it helps in the awards
TomLuicci: west virginia won a share of the title and Henry was tremendous all year
TomLuicci: he's the one who caught the 83-yard TD pass at the end of the first half against rutgers
TomLuicci: and he had 900 yards receiving
TomLuicci: for a team that is run-oriented
TomLuicci: so it was a coin flip to me
TomLuicci: mike, to answer your question about big east tv: i've been told that very issue is being discussed now
bigdog77: Rutgers made a big step this year, what do you expect for next year?
TomLuicci: the league will take a financial hit and will probably have to be more creative in scheduling, the way the mac and c-usa have been, playing on wednesdays and thursdays
TomLuicci: i don't see why rutgers can't win 7 games next year big dog. the schedule is certainly reasonable enough
paulru86: I would love Thursday night football on campus! It was great beating Pitt on National TV during the graber era
TomLuicci: that's what tv execs have told me
bigdog77: is 9 wins out of the question?
rutgersdon: i 2nd the thursday nite games- that was my first ru game ever- a treat!
TomLuicci: 9 of 11 is tough, especially since i believe bc will still be in the league, which means a game at bc
Bump: With VTech gone, there is an opening for weekday night candidates.
MikeFasano: I would love Wednesday and Thursday night TV. I can't get enough football
TomLuicci: you may get your wish
paulru86: I wrote to Mike F a couple of weeks back with pie-in the-sky that the WVU/RU game on campus could be for the league title?
TomLuicci: it depends on bc. they will be better, and right now they look like they'll be in the big east one more year
27highstreet: Tom, will speaking of BC, will they regret going to the ACC?
TomLuicci: worst decision bc could ever have made. a disaster
bigdog77: Wouldn't we be competing against baseball with the Wednesday or Thrusday night games?
TomLuicci: that's why they have the deuce
paulru86: Football out does baseball any day
TomLuicci: espn is looking for more football during the week. i know that
Bump: Tom, any idea why the ACC didn't pursue the obvious expansion -- Miami, VaTEch, and South Carolina?
paulru86: Is there any word on the direction of the conference lawsuits?
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TomLuicci: south carolina makes geographical sense, but i thought they needed a school like vanderbilt to enhance the academic side a little more
MikeFasano: Tom, I thought the BC move was dumb also but why did they make it?
TomLuicci: they claimed for academics and the overall university mission
TomLuicci: sounds football driven and greedy to me
TomLuicci: bc is an elitist school and hated the idea of being aligned with west virginia and temple and connecticut, as well as louisville, cincy and south florida
bigdog77: With a better Rutgers team next year, wouldn't you think that Rutgers could beat them even at BC
TomLuicci: all i know big dog is that rutgers NEVER beats BC for whatever reason. 1992, i think, was the last time
TomLuicci: i thought rutgers had the game won this year
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paulru86: don't forget the ugly 7-7 tie!
TomLuicci: i was there. can't forget it.
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Bump: BC is still thin at WR and doesn't have a proven successor for Knight.
SirScarlet: Tom - how do you feel GS' game day coaching has prgoressed - I think we all agree that this is the one area he is not way ahead of expectations
paulru86: Tom, whats your opinion on SU next year. I saw a lot of seniors on the field this year
rutgersdon: tom, i heard the walnut bowl is mad at the big east about unsold tickets with the game on new year's eve- could the new big east end up taking the hit for BC?
TomLuicci: i think greg made some strides, but i would agree that's the one area that isn't on the same level with all the others -- preparation, recruiting, practice, organization
TomLuicci: sounds like the san francisco bowl wants out of its tie in with the big east. can't blame them. it's a game that's 3000 miles away. it makes no sense to have an eastern school there
rutgersdon: ah- give it to the acc
TomLuicci: something else will open up though
TomLuicci: c-usa will lose some bids
paulru86: I had visions of a second honeymoon at the san fran bowl. Until we lost to uconn
TomLuicci: maybe we can get bob mulcahy to revive the garden state bowl
bigdog77: what is the big east going to do about the bowl alliances?
paulru86: Boo! I want to go out of state when it finally happens (bowl bid)
TomLuicci: the bowls will wait to see if the big east retains its bcs bid first. then they'll decide
TomLuicci: plus, they have to figure out how to keep notre dame part of the mix
TomLuicci: that would enhance the big east's bowl appeal
Bump: We need alignments with east coast bowl games. Phoenix and SF are too far.
rutgersdon: does tranghese have enough pull to keep the big east in the bcs mix?
bigdog77: Why does the BIG EAST keep ND in the bowl mix?
TomLuicci: to keep the gator bowl bid
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TomLuicci: there's always a chance notre damne can slip to the gator or the insight bowl and those bowls like that possibility
paulru86: How can RU fans say any bowl is too far. We should all have big travel accounts with the money we saved over the years!
TomLuicci: good point
TomLuicci: i think rutgers fans will travel to that first bowl, even if it's a minor one
TomLuicci: although, i have to be honest. even though the average attendance was the highest in 8 years, it was 7th in the 8-team big east
paulru86: I've got a group of 12 just waiting for it to happen! kids and all!
Bump: Yeah, but Pitt and BC don't bring jack west with them to bowl games.
bigdog77: What are Greg's feeling about next year's team?
TomLuicci: bowls look at that stuff
TomLuicci: i think greg knows they have a chance to take the next jump
TomLuicci: he has an experienced qb, plenty of offensive weapons and the front seven on defense should be solid
TomLuicci: losing orr hurts, byt they get ryan neill back
Bump: I think Rutgers would bring a good crowd to the SF Bowl. We've got good alumni representation out here in Cali.
27highstreet: Tom, any rumors of any transfers to/from the team?
SirScarlet: Tom - do u think that the staff stays intact this offseason?
TomLuicci: we asked greg about that in the final press conference -- transfers and the staff -- and he said he knew of no defections at the moment
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TomLuicci: if i'm on the staff i stay one more year because it could be a good one
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TomLuicci: that makes it easier to get another job
MikeFasano: Tom, How do you feel Schiano handles relations with the media
SirScarlet: u gotta love the progress the O made - if we can get the D to take that step - look out!
bigdog77: what are your feelings about the loaded RB position and the redshirt of Marcus Jones?
TomLuicci: greg has an interesting relationship with the media. how about if i leave it at that?
MikeFasano: Aw, you punked out on me.
TomLuicci: not sure why marcus jones redshirted. it makes no sense to me. he could wind up being the next clarence pittman
TomLuicci: especially with linton coming in
TomLuicci: but i guess linto is a lot like facyson
bigdog77: What redshirt them???
TomLuicci: i'm not sure why marcus jones did what he did. i guess it means he's not transferring, because he wasted a year if he does now
SirScarlet: would love to see Jones in teh defensive secondary
MikeFasano: Jones is too good an athlete just to sit
TomLuicci: there hasn't been any mention of him switching positions yet, but maybe
TomLuicci: i think chris baker is too good an athlete to sit, but he sat all year
Bump: Jones could drop down to D-IAA or D-II and still have two years of eligility left.
TomLuicci: yes. but why not do that now?
bigdog77: Could they redshirt Baker
SirScarlet: Bakers absence is puzzling to say the least - BD, they already shirted him diodnt they
TomLuicci: baker already sat out as a freshman for academic reasons
paulru86: I would love to see his height on the field
TomLuicci: he would be great on those end zone fades inside the 10
SirScarlet: which essentially amounts to a RS, right?
Bump: To play.
TomLuicci: baker has now sat 2 of the past 3 years. so he has 2 left -- at most
metallo: Tom, I joined late. Sorry if you discussed this already. What's the latest on Hutchinson? Will he stay at RU?
TomLuicci: haven't spoken to greg recently -- he's recruiting -- but the last i heard was that he would meet with berk and he told us he expected berk back
SirScarlet: tom - wors is that we are making inroads with Toal but may not be enough - whats ur take?
SirScarlet: sorry, word is,..
paulru86: Is Baker committed to playing wide receiver?
TomLuicci: not sure about toal or the recruiting stuff sir scarlet. sorry. it's basketball season now
TomLuicci: baker is a wide receiver yes
TomLuicci: he had his fling at qb in the spring. it didn't work out
27highstreet: Tom, to me Devraun Thompson was the biggest suprise. Why no other offers?
SirScarlet: ok, in that case, how about Douby and Webb - great young players ;)
paulru86: Yeah, but I get vibes he isn't trilled about it
SirScarlet: just kidding - back to Fball
TomLuicci: hey, gary bracket is in the nfl and he had no offers either. it's the old size thing
Bump: Tom, Chris Loomis kinda disappeared after he returned against Navy. What happened?
SirScarlet: bump - good ?
SirScarlet: couldnt he use this past year as a RS?
TomLuicci: i'm not sure if he was 100 percent from the double fracture in his leg or if he rushed to get back too soon. he told me they inserted a metal rod in his leg
SirScarlet: he hasnt shirted yet has he?
TomLuicci: loomis played in too many games to redshirt
bigdog77: what is the story with J'vonne Parker?
TomLuicci: parker sat out but practiced every day. we saw him with the DLs every day. he had to meet certain requirements to be re-instated and it appears as if he has
TomLuicci: he is one big dude, let me tell you
rutgersdon: tom, what were other BE sportswriters impressions of Rutgers FB this past year?
bigdog77: how many more years does parker have to play?
TomLuicci: i think everyone was genuinely impressed by the improvement at rutgers. as i said, being competitive almost every game changes perceptions in a hurry
TomLuicci: parker, i believe, has 2. i'd have to check on that though
paulru86: Tom anyway to get a later edition of the Starledger in Ocean county? The SUnday paper is the early edition and many times has little or no coverage of the late Sat games?
Bump: Tom - Does Duqualoni stay or go at Syracuse?
TomLuicci: i wish we got a later edition to ocean county too. that's where i grew up, so i have relatives there and they get all the early stuff. i hate that, since i re-write everything for the later editions every game
TomLuicci: i thin pasqualoni stays if he shakes up his staff
TomLuicci: think
paulru86: I'm forced to by the ABpress and I hate their coverage.
TomLuicci: sorry paul. it's been that way for years. i hated it too growing up
TomLuicci: but you can get the later stories on line
paulru86: that's where I live
Bump: Does Pasqualoni sshake up his offense or defense
bigdog77: Regarding 'Cuse, what difference would staff changes really make?
SirScarlet: winning South Jersey in the recuiting wars will be critical to help us take the next step
metallo: Tom, Do know why Jarret of NB is not showing interest in RU?
TomLuicci: it's the old thing, big dog. every time a coach is close to being fired, the stall move is to make him shake up his staff
27highstreet: Tom, will Raheem Orr get drafted?
paulru86: How is SU's young talent. THis was a senior laden team in 2003
TomLuicci: sorry metallo. the recruiting stuff i usually find out here. i'm at practice all the time covering the team. so any team-related stuff i can probably answer -- or look it up for you
MikeFasano: Metallo, He's "big timing" us
TomLuicci: i think raheem gets drafted, yes. actually, i hope he does because i like raheem. he is a class act
Bump: Tom, what do you think of the Bobby Ross hire at Army?
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TomLuicci: it makes some sense considering his background. he understands the military mindset
TomLuicci: he went to vmi, coached at the citidel and has one kid who went to navy and another to the air force academy
Bump: Any idea what offense he installs to replace the chuck and duck?
bigdog77: Regarding Jarret, he wants to go really big time and leave the state. Rutgers would be a tough fit for him. Anthony Miller and Keith Taylor will be players.
TomLuicci: it has to be the option at army. doesn't navy prove that the academies have to run the option?
TomLuicci: rutgers has enough receivers big dog. lol. where are the linemen?
SirScarlet: and where are the DBs
TomLuicci: they can't find catches for jerry andre or willie foster or sam johnson
SirScarlet: lol
SirScarlet: or Baker...
TomLuicci: or macus daniels
Bump: Tom, Any idea who emerges as the backup QB next season?
bigdog77: There are only a few linemen or big uglies available. We have some on the chart. We need to get it done.
TomLuicci: i have a feeling it will be shawell, with teel redshirting
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TomLuicci: unless greg gets a juco, which i would doubt
TomLuicci: if cali was going to be the backup next year why not play him a little this year? he never played
metallo: Tom, Any idea who emerges after Mike and the Big Dog leave this year?
paulru86: wheres Cali in all this?
TomLuicci: they're irreplaceable
bigdog77: I really like Shawell. He is mobile with a decent arm and intelligence.
TomLuicci: cali, i think, will be a career reserve who rarely plays
MikeFasano: Thanks
TomLuicci: they've already recruited over him -- twice
TomLuicci: with shawell and teel
bigdog77: Thanks Tom...But I am still making up my mind whether or not to leave.
rutgersdon: why unh next year? is that all they could get to fit the schedule?
TomLuicci: and they thought enough of shawell to redshirt him
paulru86: What happen to the walk on freshman DL? He played early. Will he develop?
Bump: Well, they've contienued to recruit. They haven't played anybody ahead of Cali. But the fact that he didn't play says alot about his future.
TomLuicci: meekins?
SirScarlet: hes been in the program several years and he still comes through 3/4 arm - even at 6'5 that doesnt get the job done
paulru86: yeah
TomLuicci: he did have an impact early, but then nate robinson started to play a little and david harley really came on strong
TomLuicci: i think it was just a numbers thing
TomLuicci: and harley played better later in the year
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bigdog77: Meeks seems like a decent player. He might benefit from a redshirt year.
SirScarlet: harley is a bull
TomLuicci: i think rivas was a bit of a disappointment
paulru86: rivas did look alittle soft
bigdog77: I really like Harley...He is a run stopper and can rush the passer decently.
SirScarlet: Tom - dont u think Rivas is still a bit small to be an effective DT?
TomLuicci: but i can tell you that at the end of practice we saw beckford walking around without crutches and he looked great
Bump: Yeah, Rivas was disappointing. I don't know why it took so long for them to start Harley ahead of Rivas.
SirScarlet: Rivas has that motor but he gets moved too easily
TomLuicci: Rivas is listed at 6-4, 275. harley is a 300-pounder, but only around 5-11. so maybe rivas is a little light
SirScarlet: i'm no mel kiper but he look smore like 260 to me
Bump: Tom, why is Schiano so enamored with Gilkison. I just don't see it.
TomLuicci: no question, he's not as heavy as the other DTs
paulru86: he needs more food (rivas)
TomLuicci: gilkison,you should know, played hurt all year. he had bad shoulders. he has already had surgery
SirScarlet: I think Rivas will play well the rest of the way - he seems to have that great work ethic - lets see if he can get a touch bigger
TomLuicci: and he can play two lb spoits. Thompson looks as if he can only play in the middle
SirScarlet: Bump - fantastic ?
bigdog77: What do you think of the Rutgers young DBs that were redshirted?
Bump: Yeah, but a bad shoulder doesn't explain perpetually being out of position.
TomLuicci: roberson played and braswell left, so who else is there?
TomLuicci: asberry?
RutgersRah: timbers
Bump: Besides, if his shoulder was that bad, Gilkison shouldn't have played so much. We don't lack depth at LB.
paulru86: the kid from trenon with speed?
TomLuicci: didn't see kane, he wasn't eligible
SirScarlet: I LOVE DEVRAUN THOMPSON - great player
TomLuicci: can't tell yet with timbers
TomLuicci: didn't see kane, he wasn't eligible
SirScarlet: I LOVE DEVRAUN THOMPSON - great player
TomLuicci: can't tell yet with timbers
SirScarlet: GS needs at least one quality JUCO CB
SirScarlet: IMO
TomLuicci: i like justise a lot. my concern is that he is too much like leonard. i'd like to see more of a change of pace
bigdog77: What about Joe porter?
TomLuicci: and i fear that justise will get hurt a lot because of his running style
paulru86: hopefully fayson and linton add the change of pace
TomLuicci: greg and i talked about justise late in the year, and i asked him if he had real breakaway speed, since his longest run was something like 21 yards. he looks like a between the tackles runner. greg said he has brekaway speed
RutgersRah: I thought they should have used Fayscon more in the BC gamr
bigdog77: Lukabu seems to be developing. Do you think that he will be a replacement for Orr?
TomLuicci: the touble with facyson -- and i like his explosiveness -- is that the more he gets the ball the more apt he is to fumble
paulru86: yup
Bump: Tom, from your perspective, is the problem with the DBs the talent or the schemes?
TomLuicci: ryan neill is back, so that helps at end
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SirScarlet: Fayscon is great at catching the ball - they should use him even more as a receiver out of the backfield
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TomLuicci: and peterson is still in the mix of course
paulru86: hey mbrick...belch
TomLuicci: it's hard to use him more when your other running back (leonard) leads the team in receptions
SirScarlet: BD - back to Porter - do u think that GS is trying to beef him up as a safety
SirScarlet: he likes to hit...
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TomLuicci: that's certainly one of their areas of need. jarvis is set at strong safety, but they need durango to come back from knee surgery at free
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TomLuicci: greg clearly wasn't enamored with jason grant and nugent is still rough around the edges
mbrickb: If you guys have had the oppurtunity to observe practice this year, who are the kids u see as making an impact next year? Especially on defense. The offensive guys seem pretty obvous, except for any undercalssmen.
SirScarlet: Tom - good point but very often this past year, in the 2 back set, Leonard would get picked up coming out of the backfield while Fayscon was left alone - just think we could exploit defenses even more and force tehmn to lay off LEoanrd a bit
bigdog77: Regarding Porter, I think that he is really a CB but it would be nice to have a Safety with that speed and quickness.
metallo: Tom, Paterno used to always tell potential recruits that they would never win at Rutgers. Greg should tell recruits the same for PSU now! Yes!!!!
Bump: Tom, Does Vogt replace P'zmuka at center?
TomLuicci: lol. but you know what metallo? the facilities at penn state are among the best in the country. i was just there for the basketball game last night and reminded of that
mbrickb: I hate being late to chat
TomLuicci: it sure looks like vogt is the guy, yes
paulru86: center is my biggest concer. pzmuka didn't get enough credit too me.
Bump: Will Randy Boxill contribute next year? He has been a big disappointment so, even considering the knee injury.
TomLuicci: i agree about boxill
mbrickb: Vogt did not look too good int he Army game( i beleive it was army) He appeared to have little movementof the opp. nose and DT's.
bigdog77: What concerns me is the backup at center.
TomLuicci: but he never seems to be in the mix. he never gets work with the 1s or 2s
SirScarlet: clancy is the backup if Vogt is no good right?
TomLuicci: clancy is it, yes
mbrickb: Segalhoff
paulru86: I would like to see the Toms river boys contribute!
TomLuicci: segaloff too
RutgersRah: I think we need a Juco who can play center
TomLuicci: neither guy has played much
SirScarlet: take that belch!! ;)
mbrickb: OR is CLancy a #2 OG and C
mbrickb: HEHE
TomLuicci: clancy is a guard
paulru86: I know my wife teaches at north and we have watched there non-existance with interee\ste\
TomLuicci: vogt should be able to make the adjustment. mart did from the dl and then guard
TomLuicci: marty
mbrickb: Paul, I was the SRO at TRHSN in 01/02..
paulru86: what is sro?
mbrickb: Uniformed presence....
Bump: I don't think Segaloff will ever play. Clancy might develop into a serviceable backup.
TomLuicci: i would agree based on what i've seen
TomLuicci: i'm eager to see sosa
SirScarlet: agree with u guys on Boxill - if he doesnt get reps this year, then we can forget about him
TomLuicci: i still think he needs a little more weight though
SirScarlet: I hear that some of the walkons (carns, biernacki) may get some looks
SirScarlet: they are HUGE...
TomLuicci: only one walkon, meekins, had an impact this year
Bump: Tom, do any of the RS Fr OL (Sosa, Fladdell, etc) play next year as starters or backups?
mbrickb: Biernacki jsut is not quick enough to play OT.
TomLuicci: i think fladell is still a project. sosa will be right there for the left tackle spot.
MikeFasano: Tom, what is the story with Radigan. He has a great leg but keeps shanking it.
mbrickb: I really need to get up and see some practices this spring
TomLuicci: with dato backing him up
paulru86: mbrick, we could carpool!
TomLuicci: i think radigan is adjusting to greg's directional punting preference
TomLuicci: radigan has a big foot, but greg doesn't just want it long and straight
paulru86: We need more wind!
TomLuicci: so he has had to adapt
SirScarlet: speaking of specials, what the heck is going on with the PK'ing duties!!!!!
SirScarlet: if we are to go bolwing next year, this has to be figured out
TomLuicci: that was a weird situation this year
Bump: Does Tres Moses return punts next year? He muffed alot of punts and allowed alot to bounce for 20+ yards.
mbrickb: HMMMM..
TomLuicci: i don't know why greg returned to sands after he tried to beat him out with cortese and musiek
SirScarlet: Bump - I would turn over duties to Foster and Kane
TomLuicci: forget it. greg loves moses back there
SirScarlet: from day one Moses has been suspect returning punts and kicks
SirScarlet: Tom - I dont see why
TomLuicci: he also returned one for a td this year
SirScarlet: great runner, but the most important part is catching the balll
mbrickb: I gotta jet for a bit
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TomLuicci: i thought his fumble against pitt really hurt rutgers
Bump: The UConn game was representative of his season though.
SirScarlet: and dont forget teh muffs at BC that didnt cost us
TomLuicci: i asked greg. he is sticking with moses
TomLuicci: all the questions you guys have i also have and i usually ask them
Bump: Tom, in the UConn game, on the 95+ yard TD drive that wasn't, did you agree with the pass call or did you think we should have kept pounding them with the run?
TomLuicci: the interception call?
TomLuicci: when they ran leonard seven straight times then tried to get cute and pass?
TomLuicci: i don't know why they threw there
metallo: Yeah but if it worked, they would have looked like geniuses.
Bump: Yes, when we threw frm their 35 yd line
TomLuicci: but they ran leonard 33 times that day, they controlled the line of scrimmage and they ran leonard the next three plays after the INT
TomLuicci: so they knew they were dominating up front
Bump: I think that was the biggest problem with Ver Steeg. He gets cute when a punch in the mouth is working. He did the same on the goalline against WVU.
TomLuicci: i hated that call
TomLuicci: when you have control of the line, just keep pounding away and dominating them
SirScarlet: i didnt have a problem with passing,I DID have a problem with running the same play that almost resulted in a pick the previous time (Johnson made a great catch even though DPI wwas called)
TomLuicci: but all this, i think, gets back to game management too
TomLuicci: reading a game and reading the tenor of it
TomLuicci: remember when michigan ran chris perry 51 times against michigan state? they have a senior qb, but why bother when no one could stop perry?
TomLuicci: rutgers could have done that with leonard against uconn
Bump: Exactly
TomLuicci: i thought uconn's defensive line was about to give out
TomLuicci: then rutgers gave them life with the int and uconn tied the game
Bump: Virginia Tech had a tendency to get cute this year, too. That killed them against WVU.
TomLuicci: i agree. beamer has a history of that
TomLuicci: i think he is a tremendously overrated coach
Bump: Actually, I think that Beamer tends to be too conservative. I think he gave Stinespring too much leash.
MikeFasano: Okay, I think we are about time.
Bump: Tom, what are your thoughts on Larry Coker? Is he underachieving at Miami?
TomLuicci: any time guys
MikeFasano: Tom, Thanks for coming
MikeFasano: Great chat.
TomLuicci: i think miami lost a lot when they lost gore
TomLuicci: more than people realize
SirScarlet: tom - thanks a lot - good stuff
TomLuicci: and their wideouts are young and average
rutgersdon: great chat- thanks for your time
TomLuicci: thanks guys

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