Nhemie Theordore

Nhemie Theodore, 6-1 1/2, 285, 5.15, DT, Irvington      

How did you like the visit?

"It was alright. I liked it."

Who was your host?

"Nate Robinson"

Who did you hang with?

"Nate and Devraun Thompson, Ryan Hart and Piana Lukubu. I got along great with them. I really liked the the confidence of the team. they know that this team is going to be good."

Did anyone verbal?

"I did not verbal, I'll probably make a decision on the last day."

Your impressions of Rutgers?

"They have great facilities. I had no idea what they were building. Coach Schiano explained it and they will probably have some of the best facilities in the country when they are done. I would put Rutgers in the top five right now. I beat Coach Donofrio the in shooting hoops at the RAC. He was supposed to be the best but I beat him. I am going to take more visits and then decide. I already took Minnesota. I'll take Virginia and Tennessee and then go to either Pittsburgh or LSU."


As a junior last season, Nhemie (pronounced Nee-me) Theodore was an All-Area and All-Conference pick after finishing the season with 60 tackles, 25 for loss, and eight sacks.

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