Corey Hyman

Corey Hyman, 6-4, 290, 5.2, OL, St. Thomas Aquinas H.S., Fl     

How did you like the visit?

"It was very good."

What did you do?

"We went to times square and ESPN Zone. It was my first time to New York and I really enjoyed it."

Who was your host?

"John Glass and Will Vogt. I got along pretty good with those guys."

Your impressions of Rutgers?

"I like Rutgers a lot but I still don't have any favorites right now."

How do you rank your favorites now?

"I like Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Colorado State. Those three teams are equal right now. I will be at Pittsburgh on January 9th. I will be at Colorado State this weekend. I'll decide when I come back from back from Pitt. I am just going to get a feel for all the schools and make a decision after that."


An offensive line prospect who is nasty and aggressive on the field. Could end up at guard or tackle. Hyman will be a four-year starter. He bench presses 315 pounds, squats 405 and power cleans 240.

Corey has offers from Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Colorado State and South Florida

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