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Brian Toal

Brian Toal is arguably the number 1 recruit in New Jersey and one of the best LBs in the nation. He led Don Bosco to a New Jersey state title and a number 2 ranking in the nation by USA Today. For his abilities and accomplishments, Toal has garnished over 30 scholarship offers. To date, he has only visited Boston College and Miami. In January, he plans on making a decision between visiting Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Penn State, Notre Dame, Rutgers, and Michigan.

What were his thoughts on his December visits?

Boston College
- Since his brother plays at the school, he has visited the school a number of times. As a result, he feels very comfortable with the school, the coaching staff, and the atmosphere.

- He really liked the visit. During the visit, he had the opportunity to watch practice. The intensity and athleticism of the players impressed him.
- The players really had him feel at home.

Since you have visited two schools, do you have a leader?

He stated that he has no real leader. Each school has grown on him. In short, he has liked each visit. As a result, he will take all five visits before making a decision.

Although you stated that you have no leader, does the familiarity with BC and your brother playing there make BC the leader?

He stated that his brother is pushing BC hard but he will make the right decision for him and he has no leader. Therefore, he will take all of his visits.

Who will assist him on his decision?

His father will provide some input but his father wants him to make the decision.

Can Rutgers get a visit?

It is a real possibility because of their proximity to home.

What is the possibility of he selecting Rutgers?

If he enjoys his visit, has a true opportunity to play early, and sees the chance of them turning things around, there is a possibility of him selecting Rutgers. He has visited the school a number of times and really liked the school. The big thing that bothers him is the lack of winning in the past but they seem to be turning things around.

In Rutgers' favor is the opportunity for early playing time. Another thing in Rutgers' favor is the good relationship he has with the Rutgers LB coach and Coach Schiano is from his hometown.

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