US Army All America Game

Here's a brief rundown on some of the prospects who stood out in the U.S. Army All-America Bowl played in San Antonio today. The three most impressive players in my opinion were DB Ted Ginn (East squad, game MVP), RB Adrian Peterson (West squad) and QB Rhett Bomar (West squad).


QB Rhett Bomar (#7, Oklahoma commit) -- Moves and throws very well. Excellent poise. Cool customer. Comes back quickly from mistakes. Nice touch and steps away from pressure adeptly. Will turn many a breakdown into a gain for a first down. Great overall feel for the game. Faster than I thought.

WR Cameron Colvin (26) -- Two superior over-the-shoulder TD catches (both questionable but very convincing displays of athletic ability). Nice work on special teams too. Can really hit. Instinctive. Great adjustments to the ball. Big play capability.

OL Herman Johnson (67) -- Pancake city. Mammoth (6-8, 390) Texan who was last seen moving DLs backward at breakneck speed. Moves well for super-size. Interesting to see if he has the discipline to keep it all manageable in the college ranks.

TE Zach Miller -- This is a TE who can go deep. Runs very well and made a nice catch on an underthrown ball from Matt Tuiasosopo.

RB Adrian Peterson (28, Oklahoma commit) -- Nice feet for such excellent size (6-2, 205). Likes to run over people. Tricky, explosive off his plants. Great drive and determination. Smells the end zone. One of top two players on the field, along with Ted Ginn. You can tell he's a driven talent. Very competitive. Beats the first tackle most every time. Thoroughbred.

DE Jeff Schweiger (54, USC commit) -- Looked good coming off the edge. Explosive, talented pass rusher who can really burst into the backside of a QB. His pressure caused a pick and another sack. Gets off the ball quickly. With a little weight and more strength should be fantastic in college.

DE/WR Anthony Vernaglia (Notre Dame commit) --Big hitter. Breaks well on the ball. Seems to be a natural ballplayer who shows a good sense for the game and knows where to be.

DE Walter Winter (42, Washington commit) -- Good speed. Sideline-to-sideline ability.


OL Alex Fletcher (Stanford commit) -- Great run blocker. He can road grade you or get downfield and take you out that way too. Stays low on his blocks and really rolls his hips. Terrific balance. Beat people like DLs Alan Branch and Franklin Okam. One of the four East captains, including Willie Williams, Xavier Lee and Ted Ginn.

DB Ted Ginn (#2, Ohio St commit) -- Elusive, fast, fluid, instinctive. Pure gamebreaker with good size. Punt returner deluxe. Afterburners! Man among boys along with Adrian Peterson. Track star who is also a football player. Well-developed cover skills. Amazing 98 yd KO return for TD. Winner of Pete Dawkins game MVP Trophy.

DB Kyle Jackson (3, Florida commit) -- Nice pick early in game. Athletic and big.

LB/DE Tim Jamison (97) -- Unblockable. Sheds blocks well and puts excellent pressure on the QB. Good motor and nice size. Truly an elite prospect. Surprised me.

WR Dwayne Jarrett (19) -- 6-5 and leaps well (6-6 HJ). Great hands. Strong. Positions well against DBs. Easily blocks off defenders. Really gets up high. Will get heavier and have even more leverage. Reminds of Mike Williams.

QB Xavier Lee (1) -- Boy can this kid run. Fast. Could play either QB or WR--legitimately, but his heart is set on QB. One of the more interesting prospects on the field. Will not announce until HS banquet.

DL Demario Pressley (72) -- Flexible, tough, strong in the middle.

LB/FB Brian Toal (8) -- Tough!!! Prefers LB but showed terrific power running skills and would make a formidable FB or short yardage runner. Finds running lanes. Extremely aggressive. Pure football player who with any room whatsoever inside the five is a guaranteed six points.

WR/ATH Ray Williams (20) -- Excellent vision and acceleration. Nice cut-back across the grain for TD. Nearly returned on-side kick for score. Great timing.

LB Willie Williams (17) -- Most impressive LB in game. Great change of direction. Excellent hitter--will really stand you up. A real force who will dictate schemes.


DL/OL Alan Branch -- Michigan

ATH Antoine Burks -- Ole Miss

DB Simeon Castille -- Alabama

DB D.J. Davis -- Texas A&M

DB Ted Ginn -- Ohio State

DB Otis McDaniel -- TCU

QB Nick Patton -- Kansas State

RB Adrian Peterson -- Oklahoma

DE Jeff Schweiger -- USC

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