Mike Gilmartin

Mike Gilmartin, 6-6, 270, OL, 5.0, Estero HS, Estero, Florida        

Why did you verbal now?

"Well, I thought it was my wisest choice, it was the best thing for me. I liked the education and they seemed to have an up and coming program. I had verballed to South Carolina the week they played against Florida. But they they fired some coaches and my recruiter quit and moved to Arizona. After that I went with Rutgers, I am solid with Rutgers now."

Where are you projected at Rutgers?

"Left tackle, I am an especially good pass blocker."

Did the coaching staff say you would play early?

"The coaching staff said that if I could get big enough and win the job, I would be in there but more than likely I will redshirt."

What was your impression of campus?

"I really liked it, It was nice. I like the urban setting."

Are you going to try to convince other Florida players to come?

"Well, I am trying to get Brian Fitzgerald to come. Rutgers is coming down here to talk to him."

What do you hope to accomplish during your career at Rutgers?

"I would like to go to a bowl."


He'll be the third major OL prospect at Estero in as many years, joining Randy Hand (Florida) and Derrick Morse (Miami). Gilmartin has quick feet and a big frame.

"I was recently named second team first team all area, all district, and all conference. I was second team all state."

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