Jeremy Zuttah

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Jeremy Zuttah

Jeremy Zuttah (OL, 6'4"-280lbs, 4.9 forty) is one of the premier offensive lineman in the nation. The Zuttah household is not unfamiliar with having college coaches visit, last season his brother Jeff Zuttah was one of the most highly recruited players in the nation. Jeremy has the ability to play either guard or tackle at the collegiate level. His combination of size, speed, and strength allows him to dominate the line of scrimmage making him a prize of any recruiter.

Who are his favorites?

He stated, "I am still visiting and currently have no favorites".

Is it true that you will be taking a visit to Rutgers over Virginia Tech?

Yes, I liked Rutgers more than Virginia Tech. It was just a feeling that I had, it is hard to explain.

Is it true that you have remove some schools from consideration?

Yes, I have removed VT and Iowa from the running. I did not feel that I would go that far to school. If so, it would be OSU.

As a result of eliminating VT and Iowa, that now leaves Maryland, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, and Rutgers. How do you feel about these schools?

Maryland - They are still in the hunt. However, I liked OSU more. But Maryland has better academics and is closer to home.

Pitt - I really liked the players on the team, liked Coach Harris and the strength coach, and the facilities were really nice.

Rutgers - I really like Coach Schiano and Coach Christobol along the opportunity to play with his best friend Anthony Miller.

OSU - I like the tradition and the school.

Who will assist you with your decision?

My parents and my brother Jeff will assist him with his decision. His parents has no preference. However, they would like him to be closer but in the end it is his choice. However, his brother Jeff will be one of the biggest factors in his decision making process. Jeff went through the process last year and provides Jeremy with some good questions to have him ask himself about the schools.

At this point, Jeremy is still not decided whether or not to stay close to home or go far away.

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