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Gene's Page caught up with Hollywood Christian School offensive lineman Dio Herrera (6-4, 315) and found out what he thought about his visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

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How did your visit to Mississippi State go this past weekend?
"I was real happy the way it went."

Since this was your first visit to the state of Mississippi and Mississippi State, did you have any preconceived ideas that fell by the wayside on your visit?
"Before, I thought it was going to be some small town where there is nothing to do. When I got there, it was a nice sized town. I liked the people and I liked the environment."

So, Starkville being a small town didn't matter to you?
"No, not at all. It is kind of like a slower pace town. Everything is more relaxed. You can concentrate better on what you have to do. There are not as many distractions."

Talk about your impressions of Mississippi State itself.
"I liked the way their team got along. The team looks like a family over there. Overall, the way the new coaches and team got along was great. That surprised me a lot. You could never tell they had just gotten together."

Who was your player host?
David Price."

What was your impression of him?
"He was great. He was real honest. I liked all of the players, overall."

Who were some of the other MSU players that you met?
"I got to meet Donovan (Davis). That guy showed me a great time. Omarr (Conner) and the backup quarterback Brett Wilcutt were great. I mostly hung out with them. They showed me a great time."

Did you meet any of the other recruits?
"I hung out with
Roland Terry. The kid from New Orleans (Jeremy Jones) was cool too. We three, and the linebacker (Rory Johnson), hung out together."

Did you have a one on one session with Coach Croom?
"Yes I did."

What did you think of him?
"He was like my high school coach, the older style smashmouth football kind of thing. He was very honest and straight forward. He let me know how everything was."

Did you get to meet the offensive line coach, J.B. Grimes?
"Oh yeah, J.B. Grimes. I really liked him. We got along great. From the time I got there, we just bonded."

What did you think about the facilities at State?
"The field and locker room were amazing. With the things they are going to do with the weightroom. it should be great."

How much will distance from you home factor into your decision?
"It doesn't really make a difference to me. I kind of want a new beginning where no one knows me."

I realize that was your first official visit, but where does Mississippi State fit in among your list of schools?
"I don't have any clue what any other school is like. I have never visited any other school, so I really can't tell you, but I was really impressed by Mississippi State. I don't know what the other schools have to offer but I am really impressed by Mississippi State."

Who else do you have left to visit?
"I have South Florida (1/16), Rutgers (1/23) and Virginia Tech (1/30)."

One last question: Was it exciting to go on your first visit?
"(Laugh) It was very exciting. I can't even describe it."

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