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Mike Teel

Mike Teel (QB, 6'4"-220lbs) from Don Bosco High School in Ramsey New Jersey is the number one ranked quarterback in the state of New Jersey. In the summer, he gave Rutgers his verbal commitment. He selected Rutgers over Michigan State and Wisconsin.

This past weekend he visited Rutgers along with a number of other high school standouts.

How was the visit?

It was a really good time. It gave him a chance to meet his future teammates and the other recruits.

Who was your host?

Brian Leonard

Who did you hang with?

With Mike Ziarnowski , Dwayne Jones, Berkley Hutchinson, Chazz Lynn and Chenry Lewis - who was down one night to hang out. Teel stated that if he had the opportunity he would like to go down to Rutgers during a recruiting weekend to hang out like Chenry Lewis did.

Anyone commit?

Not that he knew of. All of the recruits met with Coach Schiano at the end of the visit. Teel was one of the first to meet with him and did not have a chance to speak with the other recruits afterward. But all of them had a good time and all of them liked their visits.

What was the biggest thing that impressed you about the visit?

Everything that they did. The coaching staff provided a great atmosphere for the recruits and the parents. It enabled everyone to have a great time.

The highlight of the trip was going to NYC to the ESPN Zone. One of the florida players never visited the city before Sunday's trip. The trip gave the recruits a chance to talk and bond while watching the NFL playoffs.

Have you been contacting other recruits?

Yes, have been doing what they can. He have not been calling anyone but I have been making contact via award dinners and other events.

What about talking to some of your teammates?

Before Marquise Liverpool committed to BC, I was talking to him about Rutgers a lot. It was a tough thing for him to make the decision but I am happy for him. Brian Toal has a lot going on in the way of recruiting. After he finishes his five official visits, Teel would like to get him down for an unofficial.

Teel has been talking a lot to the underclassmen at Don Bosco about Rutgers. They have approximately three division 1A prospects on the team that are underclassmen. He has been talking to all of the underclassmen about Rutgers and all of them are considering the school.

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