Dimitri Linton

Dimitri Linton, 5-10, 175, 4.5, RB, WR, Northeast HS, Oakland Park (Fl)           


Rutgers, Stanford, USF, Temple, Northern Illinois, Air Force, Army

Current Status after his Stanford visit

"I am even more satisfied with Rutgers than ever. Stanford and Air Force are great schools but what I saw didn't compare with Rutgers. When I was a Stanford another recruit told me about Rutgers he said that their 'focus on winning is unbearable'. I thought that that was a strange thing to say. I thought 'is that supposed to be a compliment?' I thought that that Rutgers' focus on winning was a good thing. It is one of the things that makes me want to go to Rutgers.

Stanford was too far away from home. It wasn't  a good fit. Rutgers had been with me since my junior year. Stanford had verbally offered me a scholarship at that time. They were the only threat to my going to Rutgers but now I am solid with Rutgers. I am just more comfortable with them. They even knew my number, number '22', and they told me that they would get that number for me if I came there. I just felt it was very sincere. They were there from the beginning, they used to send me letters with my stats and they would have my updated stats in the letters before I knew what my own stats were. It was incredible, the attention that they paid to me and this was happening when I was a junior before anyone knew that I would have a break out year."

"I am more solid than ever with my decision and I am looking forward to going to Rutgers and going to a bowl."


"I was the seventh all time leading rusher in Broward County Other guys on that list are Autry Denson. I was first all time in touchdowns in front of Autry Denson, Emmett Smith and Tyrone Moss. I finished the season with 1674 yards but I finished the last four games with only 200 yards because I had two fractured ribs and a bruised foot. I just played the last few games to break the record."

"I just won red zone national player of the year from Old Spice."

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