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Jeremy Zuttah

Jeremy Zuttah (OL, 6'4"-285lbs, 4.9 forty) has given the Scarlet Knights his verbal commitment. Over 30 schools offered scholarships to the Edison native. His final choices were Rutgers, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and Maryland. Below is a short Q&A with Rutgers' newest commitment.

What made you commit to Rutgers?

It was close between Rutgers, Maryland, and Pittsburgh. But Rutgers just felt like the right place. The program is like a family. It seem like you can talk to any coach at anytime about anything. They are going to do same special things and I wanted to be a part of it.

What role did Anthony Miller play in your recruitment?

If it was not for Anthony, I would have crossed Rutgers off my list and it would have been a mistake. He kept them in my top 5. But the final decision was mine.

What role did your brother Jeff play in your recruitment?

He advised me about what to look for in a program. Things like the academic staff, relationships between the players and coaches, and the number of players on the depth chart.

Have you been talking to other players about Rutgers?

Yes, I have been talking to Eugene Monroe (the outstanding offensive tackle) from Plainfield High School along with a number of underclassmen. There are a few underclassmen on my team that have a chance to be Division I prospects. They have been coming to me to talk about Rutgers.

What position will you play at Rutgers?

I am not sure. Any position along the offensive line is fine. I really have no preference. What ever position gets me on the field the fastest would be best.

Do you frequently visit Internet sites like

Not regularly, but I visited on Friday.

How do you feel about the excitement surrounding your commitment to Rutgers?

It is great. I am very appreciative to the fans.

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