Akeem Robinson

Akeem Robinson, TE, 6-5, 250, 5.1, Carol City , FL  

How did you like the visit?

"It was a good visit. I am still committed to Rutgers. I am still thinking about it. The loss on Mario Cristobal had an effect on me but not a big effect. I had other doubts about Rutgers. The other things are the fact that the other schools I am looking at have a better winning percentage and put more people in the NFL. Coach Schiano told me that it was only the third year in the program. So I am still weighing all this. The main competitors are Clemson and UF."

Who was your host?

Ron Green

Who did you hang with?

"The whole team. Ron Green, Al Peterson, Brian Leonard. Bill Beckford"

Your impressions of Rutgers?

"It is a school on the rise. It is building."


"We won the state championships. I had 9 pancake blocks in that game and finished off the season with 80. I was All Dade and made the All Star Game but due to basketball, I could not make that game."

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