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Jean Beljour

Jean Beljour (RB/DB, 6'0"-210lbs, 4.4 forty) from Hackensack High School in Hackensack, New Jersey gave his verbal commitment to attend Rutgers last week on Madison Square Garden network television (MSG) - making many of the Rutgers faithful very happy. He selected Rutgers over Connecticut, Syracuse, Boston College, Wisconsin, and Western Michigan. Below is an interview with him:

When did you make the final decision?

Beljour stated that he made the final decision on the Monday after returning from Syracuse.

What was the deciding factor?

"I just needed to sit down with my coaches and family and arrive at a decision. The deciding factor was the opportunity to build something new along with the chance to have my family and friends see me play."

Was it your idea to commit on MSG?

No, it was Mike Quick's idea. He thought that it would be a good idea and it was.

Were you nervous?

Yes, but after awhile I calmed down.

What position would you like to play in college?

I want to play running back; preferably tailback but fullback would not matter to me.

I understand that you are friends with Brian Toal, have you been in contact with him regarding attending Rutgers?

Yes, I have and will be contacting him before his visit to Rutgers. I might even accompany him down to Rutgers on his official visit.

However, Beljour has a wrestling match that might preclude him from going to Rutgers with Toal. But the match will not stop him from "being in his ear" regarding coming to Rutgers and building something special.

Will you be talking to the number of underclassmen at Hackensack about attending Rutgers?

Yes, it would be great for them to attend. Players like Danny Oquendo, Devon Smart, Alexander Pierre would be great additions to the Rutgers program and I will be talking to them.

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