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TouchDown Club Meeting:  Some Notes…



·        Spring Game will be held April 24th [Saturday Night]

·        Greg Schiano repeatedly thanked the efforts of Rutgers fans for their wonderful showing at the RAC during Brian Toal's visit to Rutgers.

·        He considered this class as the strongest athletic class [that Rutgers has recruited]

·        He considered this class as the strongest academic class [that Rutgers has recruited]

·        [RU] Will aggressively go after walk-ons.  There are 20 extra roster spots (85 on scholarship plus 20 walk-ons) available.  Most of the walk-ons are Jersey kids…it is becoming "in vogue" to walk-on at Rutgers.  Indicated this as a change in perception of the RU program.

·        Indicated that all recruited offensive linemen could play the tackle spot.




Individual Player Comments


          Jean Beljour: "He is really more like 215lb. rather than the lighter weight he is listed at. He was a 6'9" high jumper, a really fantastic athlete."

          Renold Fenelus: "Has played organized football for only 2 years and has put on 60lb. and grown 5" during this time."

          Jon Fields: "Has the fantastic combination of long wingspan (the longest of any offensive lineman we've recruited) and height (shorter is better for leverage)."

          Mike Gilmartin: "He really looks skinny right now.  He will be a 315lb. offensive lineman, a real force."

          Ron Girault: "The reason why he was still available until the very end is that he had a single bad combine time during his junior year and this turned people off.  We are very fortunate to have him."

          Corey Hyman: "Will be a fantastic player here."

          Jeremy Ito: "We wanted to create some real competition in the kicking game.  I told Darren Rizzi ‘Go wherever you have to to get this done'."

          Dwayne Jones: "We have been tracking him for a while." Coach Schiano mentioned the first time he saw him was when Dwayne was spotted at one of the football practices two years ago.  When Schiano spotted him he assumed Dwayne was a former Rutgers player.  After inquiring about him he was told who he was and that he was currently only a sophomore…

          Chenry Lewis: "Our goal is to put weight on him and make him a fierce rusher from the end." In other words, to Orrify him (in the same mold as standout DE Raheem Orr).

          Dimitri Linton: "This kid is special.  He is a very special young man."

          Chazz Lynn: "The wonderful thing about Chazz is that he can also return kicks and punts and he makes it look so effortless."

          Bruce Mckever: "At 6'3" he doesn't have a typical corner's body.  He reminds me a lot of a former player of mine who is currently with the 49ers, Mike Rumph."

          Anthony Miller: "He claims he was the first to commit to this class.  Of course so does Mike Ziarnowski.  Even to this day they still argue about that.  We thought so much of this kid that we offered him as a sophomore. This young man is so unselfish.  His junior year he made All-State.  For the good of the team he switched to QB during his senior year."

          Darren Salinardi: "He will be an offensive lineman."

          Joe Salinardi: "He will be a defensive lineman."

          Cameron Stevenson: "We wanted to keep this guy under lid.  He is in a very good position because although he went the JUCO route he still has 3 years to play 3."

          Keith Taylor: "At 6'4" this young man already looks like a professional.  Just last weekend he won the 400m in the state of New Jersey."

          Mike Teel: "He is a special player and a special young man.  When he committed to us he did so off of a 1-11 season.  I am very impressed with him as a leader."

          Jamaal Westerman: "He is from Jason Nugent's high school.  He has already enrolled at Rutgers, is currently taking classes and can help us early on."

          Mike Ziarnowski: "He is the other 1st commit.  He has also demonstrated great leadership in building this class."

          Jeremy Zuttah: "With Anthony Miller being an early commit to this class it turned out that every day at J.P. Stevens Rutgers was recruiting him.  He will play offensive line but is so versatile that he could play on the defensive side as well."





Q: Any word on an offensive line coach?

A: No, not yet.  Coach Schiano indicated it won't be too far into the future but that he won't rush the process either.


Q: How many scholarships are available?

A: Coach Schiano indicated he would not discuss this as it can be used as a negative recruiting tool against Rutgers.


Q: Can you talk about the recruiting in South Jersey?
A: Coach Schiano indicated that indeed, it has definitely been a problem and it has been frustrating.  It's a region defined from about Trenton or thereabouts southward.  Coach Schiano also stated that he would challenge the coaches of South Jersey that very night (he was scheduled to talk at the NJ Coaches Association in Atlantic City later that evening).


Q: What is the status on Keon Braswell?

A: Coach Schiano described him as a very fine young man.  He stated that it doesn't look good for Keon in terms of coming back to Rutgers but that they were working to get him into a school to receive a good education, somewhere.


Q: Orlando Kane…?

A: He is currently going to school (at Rutgers).  We will have to wait and see if he continues to do the things he is doing.


Q: Any word on Brian Duffy's 6th year?
A: There was no official word yet but it is believed that a 6th year would be granted.


Q: What is going on with Chris Baker and Davon Clark?

A: The expectation is for Chris to come out and be very good this spring.  Davon can be a huge part of this football team, if he wants to be.


Q: Will Ryan Neill be ready?

A: Coach Schiano stated that he looks ready and he's excited to see him in action soon.


Q: In reference to the APP report about Rutgers withholding an offer from a particular player from Manasquan…

A: Coach Schiano indicated he would not discuss something like this in a public forum, but that he will discuss it with the particular Coach…he offered to say only one thing, that Rutgers, in this instance, did things as they always do, the right way.


Q: Will J'vonne Parker be ready?
A: He certainly hopes so.  He just needs to continue doing the things that he's been doing.


At this point Coach Schiano introduced Rutgers AD Bob Mulcahy.




·        "It sounds corny, but the decision I made [in hiring Coach Schiano] I knew would stand as my legacy."  He indicated that while he didn't think the process would take as long as it has (he has been here since 1998) he is proud of Coach Schiano and the manner in which things are being done.

·        Currently working on a deal to get a new scoreboard.

·        In reference to his on-line e-mail (at he stated that 1 game against either Penn St. or Notre Dame at Giants Stadium would bring in more revenue than all 6 games at home this past year.  In addition Penn St. or Notre Dame would no longer visit Rutgers stadium, but would play at Giants Stadium.

·        Currently working on getting the Michigan State game on either ESPN or ESPN2, on "any night" (but most likely on Thursday or Friday night).

·        Currently working on replacing the field turf.


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