Chat Transcript-Rich Hansen Thursday, February 17

Transcript from Rich Hansen Chat – 2-19-2004 Coach Rich Hansen is the coach of St. Peter's Prep High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Over the past 10 years, Coach Hansen has been one of the winningest coaches in the state of New Jersey. This year, he has two of the top players in the state - Mike Brown (RB/DB, 5'9", 170lbs) and Rashawn Jackson (RB/LB, 6'2", 250lbs).

Transcript from Rich Hansen Chat – 2-19-2004

Transcript from Rich Hansen Chat – 2-19-2004



Coach Rich Hansen is the coach of St. Peter's Prep High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Over the past 10 years, Coach Hansen has been one of the most winningest coaches in the state of New Jersey. In 1995, he coached St. Peter's Prep to a number 1 ranking in New Jersey, a Parochial State Championship, and a number 3 ranking in the nation by USA Today.

Some of his players have played for Rutgers, Boston College, Michigan, and Syracuse. Last season, his star wide receiver, Leo Ferrine, chose to attend Notre Dame. This year, he has two of the top players in the state - Mike Brown (RB/DB, 5'9", 170lbs, 4.4 ) and Rashawn Jackson (RB/LB, 6'2", 250lbs, 4.5 ).

Chat Transcript:

ruhudsonfan:: can anybody see this?

bigdog77:: Hello

ruhudsonfan:: hey bigdog

MikeFasano:: Yup

mo33pat62:: mo33pat62

ruhudsonfan:: cool

bigdog77:: We are waiting for Coach to logon...we are having some problems

MikeFasano:: Yeah, we lost Cristobol and Donofrio

ruhudsonfan:: lol

bigdog77:: He will be on very soon...

bigdog77:: Welcome Coach hansen - Winrh

MikeFasano:: Welcome, coach.

bigdog77:: How do your team look for the season?

winrh:: how are you guys?

winrh:: we'll be fine. we have some very good skill players - really need to develop linemen but i think we have a good foundation with those guys,

ruhudsonfan:: hey coach, do you think either Jerome Becton or Mike Smith have "next level" skills?

bigdog77:: He is typing...

winrh:: good question. i hope so, especially Jerome. He has the physical tools. Right now he is 228 with 10% bodyfat. He needs to mature mentally and keep working. Mike is having a very good wrestling season and has helped himself physically. He probably will not get any taller at 6'0" though.

bigdog77:: What do you think of the progress of the Rutgers progrram with  Coach Schiano?

winrh:: Greg has obviously done a very good job of "changing" the rutgers image among h.s. players. the bottom line will be winning - kids want to win so i think this season will be a big one for the program.

bigdog77:: Do you think the lost of Coach Donofrio will effect Rutgers' recruiting in Hudson County?

winrh:: that remains to be seen of course but Mark did a great job of developing relationships with the county players, specifically for us Mike Brown and Rashawn Jackson. I've always told my guys to pick a school for many things the last of which should be the coach because we all know how that goes these days.

MikeFasano:: As a coach guiding young players in their choice of a school , what do you tell them?

Ironman89:: Coach..speaking of Jackson where do you see him playing in College?

winrh:: Mike there are so many things to be concerned with and it varies so much for different kids. 1st and formost is the quality of education so graduation rates are important. things like location, program stability, his ability to play at the position he desires to - those are some of the important considerations.

bigdog77:: Do you think that Mike and Rashaun will lean towards UVa due to the relationship built with  Donofrio?

winrh:: Jackson has offers right now that are very attactive. Those offers are in writing and they'll always be there. He needs to continue to work in the classroom and weightroom He looks scary right now. I'm hoping for him to do great things.

bigdog77:: Besides Rashawn and Mike, who are some of the junior players that you have been impressed with ?

ruhudsonfan:: Jerome

winrh:: Mike and Rah have had Va on their list from the beginning so Mark being there can only help. But it's a long process that takes alot of twists and turns.

bigdog77:: What were your impresses of Keith Taylor, the Elizabeth WR and Rutgers recruit?

winrh:: ru, I really like Hayes. I think he brings alot to the table physically. He had a good game against us this year except for putting the ball on the floor.

ruhudsonfan:: I was there...he flies to the ball...he did have a case of the squirts that night though...haven't seen that many people at a hudsoncounty game since you and Hoboken in 95

winrh:: Taylor is a terrific athlete - that goes without saying. WR is a tough postion to adjust to in college.

Ironman89:: How do you see Par. Group 4 shaping up next season?

winrh:: you had to bring up the '95 hoboken game?!

ruhudsonfan:: sorry coach...ok since the 94 hoboken game

winrh:: that one i liked a little better

matei:: Coach...a very general question.  How does a recruiting process begin? Does the student/athlete approach you, does the coach begin by sending out tapes, does the college recruiter get in touch with you first...

bigdog77:: What underclassmen (soph/fresh) do you have beside Rashawn and Mike that you see as possible Div. 1A prospects?

winrh:: The process now begins with the player's 1st varsity season. At that point film is usually sent by the coach to schools for evaluation. Follow-up letters and meetings then occur. Hi-Lite films are the best way to get colleges to focus in on players. May is a big month for current juniors. Coaches visit h.s. campuses and can "see" players. Many stop by weight rooms and watch a TON of film.Right now we have about 60-65 appointments for May.

MikeFasano:: Coach, what imprresses you by a recruiter and what turns you off by one?

winrh:: Right now Kee- Ayre Griffin is a big attraction for colleges. He has all the makings of a good one.

ruhudsonfan:: what do you think of the Salinardi borthers...your guys seemed to push them around in the second half of that game...

winrh:: Mike, the most important thing I look for in a recruiter is honesty. Some guys bs about their intentions and it can get ugly. It has become a job in and of itself.

winrh:: ru, your killing me. honestly, i think they played very hard, are physcial specimens and will add depth to Rutgers. I would not trade any of my guys though.

bigdog77:: Since it is the state school, do you ask your players to reserve one visit for Rutgers?

winrh:: yes i do. Also, I've run unofficial visits every year with about 15-20 kids. The RU staff is tremendous in their hospitality and it gives our kids a personal look at the program and campus.

Ironman89:: Coach, how do you think Mike Teel will be at the next level?

winrh:: Man, if he doesn't get it done I'd be shocked. Size, arm strength, mental maturity. It'll be an adjustment but i think, in time, he'll be great for them.

MikeFasano:: Which opposing juniors impressed you last season?

bigdog77:: Do you have any players that might walk-on to the Rutgers squad?

matei:: Coach, you mention "hospitality".  What has the current staff done that perhaps previous staffs have not.

winrh:: bigdog, Walter McCloud was offered walk-on status and is mulling it over as an option.

ruhudsonfan:: what about Big Becton?

MikeFasano:: Could you tell us more about McCloud?

winrh:: matei, they've gotten players. i had a great relationship with Graber and Shea and I respect and admire them. But, so far, Greg and the staff have gone where they didn't. For whatever reason.

bigdog77:: Do you have any predictions for next season?

winrh:: ruhudsonfan - jeff is currently working on academic issues that need to be resolved. He knows what he needs to do, and has for four years. I'm hopeful he gets it done. He would love to be at Rutgers and I would love for him to be there. Sometimes reality needs to settle in before action is taken.

winrh:: bigdog- predictions for us?

bigdog77:: rutgers

ruhudsonfan:: 12-0 for both sounds good to me

winrh:: hopefully it is a "break through" season for them. Hopefully 8 wins and a bowl. I really believe a season like that will put the program in a place it has never been.

matei:: Coach, are your younger (fiosh/sophs) student/athletes beginning to belive in Coach Schiano's vision for Rutgers? Perception obviously goes a long way, but I'm wondering what their views on the RU program is...have you noticed a change in the last year or 2?

winrh:: ruhudson, i'm with you on that one.

winrh:: Rutgers coaches have been on campus, including Greg. All of their literature is posted outside our weightroom. They read the papers and talk to our older players. I'd say they are very aware of what is going on at RU.

ruhudsonfan:: obviously its early, but do you think your frosh QB has D1 potential?

winrh:: I think he is going to be a very good one. The most difficult position to predict is QB though. I hope so. He had a very good freshman year and won a championship so we're very optimistic about him.

bigdog77:: Do you think that the loses of Miami and VT along with BC will effect the recruitment of your players, now and in the future?

matei:: ruhudson, you seem to really know your HS football

ruhudsonfan:: i'm a prep guy

winrh:: matei, i think ruhudson played for me. he has inside information!

ruhudsonfan:: i'll start throwing out "Big Rich-ism's" but I don't want to bore the rest of them coach...

Ironman89:: matei....don' t stroke him I won't be able to live with him on a certain other site

winrh:: bigdog, the ACC got stronger and more attractive, plain and simple. BC has always been a favorite among my really remains to be seen.

ruhudsonfan:: boo hiss Bosco

bigdog77:: Why BC?

winrh: well, for one it is a jesuit school. It also has a very good reputation. It plays D1 ball and is in a very active college part of the country. we have alot of BC alums that talk the place up.

matei: On the same topic, are they aware of how BC left the Big East?  Does that have any significance?

winrh: while i say that you'll notice we don't have any players currently on their roster so... Pedro Cirino was the last football player to go .

bigdog77: Is there a chance getting the relationship at Rutgers?

winrh: matei- ye they know. like i said the ACC is a very attractive conference for a variety of reasons.

winrh: dog- i think we do have that relationship with RU. My kids interact alot more with what happens at RU than anywhere else. i'd like to see more of my guys there. Ferrine visited. McCloud visited. It just didn't work for them there.

bigdog77: Do you think has the ability to be a national power?

bigdog77: Sorry, Rutgers?

winrh: wow, that's a long way off i think. if we can start with an 8 win season and build from there i think any thing is possible.

ruhudsonfan: when it's all said and done, do you expect mike and rah to be the biggest recruits you've ever had? more than jordan, cirino, andreadis, etc?

bigdog77: Big Question: How would you rank Pedro Cirino, Leo Ferine, and Willy Wilkes? ; )

winrh: ru i think they are already. i've had more dialogue and interraction with colleges for those guys already. like i said they have written offers. At the end of May we will sit down and nail down visits. I met with Mike's dad today. We will meet again next week. It's an organized plan that hopefully will match him with the school/program that bests fits. If you know me you know i don't care about flashy schools unless it's a fit for my player.

winrh: c'mon wilkes wasn't THAT highly recruited! ha-ha

ruhudsonfan: beat me to that one

ruhudsonfan: the one who got away, the one who went away, and the one you

Ironman89: Coach do you think Ferrine will redshirt next year or get some PT at Notre Dame

bigdog77: Ok, Elnardo

bigdog77: then

winrh: Ferrine has a chance to play i believe. He is young though so that year would not be terrible. He may need some time to re-acquaint himself to the corner position.

ruhudsonfan: pedro hit harder than

winrh: two of the best of i've had the privilege to coach.

winrh: sorry about the "of"

ruhudsonfan: how important do you think it is for RU to develop that bigtime rival, ala you and Hoboken in the 90's...

winrh: the other thing about ferrine is that he can play a couple different positions which makes him very attractive to them.

matei: Coach, what schools have signed the most recruits from St. Peter's?

winrh: ru, a rival would help but wins, against anybody initially, will be a great start.

matei: yeah, I agree can only develop a rival if you beat them a fair number of times...which is only possible if you win first.

bigdog77: We are close to  9:00PM. Coach, thank you for joining us for the chat. I hope to have you back during the height of recruiting season.

banditsk: Do you feel that its sometimes detrimental to play as difficult a schedule as you do , i mean that you man sometimes be the 4th best team in the state and still have 3 losses

winrh: matei- we had 23 players competing at the collegiate level last year at many different schools. guys like DeGennaro, Cody and Botsolas at Hopkins and alot of other places. The D1s are there for the top flight kids but more than that want and can play in college.

winrh: banditsk, our state bracket is the most difficult in NJ but our league needs to improve across the board, including ourselves. a tough league schedule helps come playoff time. i think the league is getting better and that will help everyone. the last 4 years we've lost to the #1 team in the state. NJ and Fla. so it's a double edged sword.

matei: Thanks for taking some time out coach :)  Good luck next year!

winrh: thank you very much.

Ironman89: Thanks Coach good luck next season..just not against Bosco =>

banditsk: mike by the way  please stay on at least in a part time way with the occassional article. your insight has always been appreciated

winrh: i hope we get there - thanks.

banditsk: good luck coach

ruhudsonfan: take it easy coach...and KILL BOSCO...this guy gives it to me daily...

bigdog77: Coach, After winning the state championship this year, I would like to have you back for a chat...thanks again

winrh: you got it . don't be a stranger around campus.

winrh: big dogg- it's been fun. thanks.

ruhudsonfan: will do...

MikeFasano: thanks for coming.

winrh: see ya Mike - thanks.

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