Jerome Becton

Jerome Becton

Jerome Becton, 6-4, 228, LB, St. Peter's Prep, Jersey City, NJ



How many offers do you have?

None right now.


What schools are you looking at the most?

Penn State:  Jerome stated that he has watched the Nittany Lions since he was a young kid and he's always wanted to go there.

Rutgers:  Rutgers is close to home and it is such a great school.  Jerome stated that he went to the Rutgers season finale last year (versus Syracuse) and enjoyed himself very much.  He said that the feeling among the players in the locker room after the win was incredible.  He is very impressed with the improvement of the team and the new facilities and he believes that Rutgers will be the team to beat next year in the Big East.  Jerome stated that the proximity to Rutgers is a factor in his decision-making process.

Wisconsin:  Jerome stated that Wisconsin would be a great place for him to go because of their tradition. 

Nebraska:  Also a great school.  Former teammate Joe Daly went to Nebraska a few years back along with several other St. Peter's players.  Jerome stated that several current St. Peter's players are also looking at Nebraska.


What are you planning to major in while in college?

Jerome stated that he has been set on a college major since he was a High School sophomore: Criminal Justice.


Are you planning on committing early or on taking all 5 visits?

Jerome plans on taking all 5 visits before making a decision.  He wants to pinpoint what that deciding factor is and taking all his visits would allow him to do that.




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