Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson - New Name on the Block


Greg Johnson must enjoy Playstation.  His friends must enjoy Playstation.  So much so that the Junior point guard of The Holderness School in New Hampshire goes by the nickname guessed it...Playstation.  Greg comes in at 5'11" and 173lb.  But don't let his youth fool you - Greg, a NYC native, is the youngest player to be given a nickname at the famous Rucker League in Harlem: he was enjoying 6th grade at a mere 12 years old at the time. 

Greg's primary strength is his court vision and ability to make those around him better.  He is simply magical on the break with an uncanny ability to weave through the opponent's defense and ability to finish the play by either shooting or dishing for the deuce.

Though many may have not heard about him yet, Greg has already been anointed as a "can't miss" high-major.  He has been receiving strong interest from Rutgers, St. John's, Hofstra, Seton Hall and Providence.



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