Marcus Wilson - one of NJ's best WRs

Marcus Wilson

Southern New Jersey always has a wealth of skilled players and this year is no different. One of the top skilled athletes in Southern New Jersey is Marcus Wilson. As a WR last year, he had 46 catches for 625 yards and 7 TDs. As a DB, he had 70 tackles and 5 ints.

For those programs that are pursuing his services, it does not matter to him which position he plays in college. However, he does prefer to play in the Big 10 or ACC due to the competition and their reputation of putting people in the NFL.

-     How many offers do you have?

Wilson has scholarship offers from BC, UVa, Rutgers, MD, Syracuse with schools like Michigan and Ohio State showing very heavy interest.

-     Who are your favorites?

- My uncle is one of the coaches
- It is an excellent program
- Do they have the inside
track? No not really, but kinda we will see...
- Really likes the players, especially since  a number of them are from NJ.

- Really likes the campus. It is beautiful.
- He is friends with Wali Lundy and Lance Evans
- Likes the coaching staff's NFL experience.

- Likes the program. They won the national championship a few years ago which tells you about their commitment.

- They have a great tradition.
- They told his coach that there is a good chance that they might offer soon.
- Even if they offer, they will still be #4.

- They look like they will be a great team.
- There facilities are really nice.
- He really likes Coach Schiano. He is a good person to talk to.

-     What are the three biggest factors in your decision to attend a school?

- Academics – He is looking for a school that can provide him with a great opportunity to obtain a job upon graduation, reputation.

playing time – He would like to play as a freshmen. However,if he is unable to learn the position fast enough he would not mind redshirting.

- Atmosphere – He is looking for a quiet place that would allow him to stay focus on his studies and football.

-     What other sports do you play and what were some of your best performances?

He plays basketball and runs track. On the basketball team, he is a small forward and averages 8 points and 5 rebounds.  In track, he runs the 400m and 200m. His personal best in the 200m is 22.5 and 100m is 11.3. This is the first year that he is running the 400m.

-     What will you major in?

He is not sure..

-     What camps will you attend?

He will be attending Iowa, UVa, Rutgers, and MD camps.

-     What unofficial visits will you take?

He might be going to the UNC Junior Day/Spring Game and possibly PSU.

-     How was the Rutgers Junior Day?

They really impressed him. He really liked the facilities and the coaches.

-     Who will assist you in making your decision?

His mother and him will make the decision.

-     Would you commit early or will you take all 5 visits before making a decision?

He plans on taking all 5 visits before making a decision.
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