Jaris Rogers

Christopher Young

Jaris Rogers, 6-2, 215, LB, Paterson Catholic HS, Paterson, NJ


How many offers do you have?

6 offers.  Rutgers, Syracuse, Boston College, Virginia Tech and Iowa.


Who is in your Top 5?

Rutgers - A good all-around school that has been playing a young team and that will be much better in the future.

Syracuse - They've appeared in many bowls before and that's important.

Virginia - Jaris stated that he doesn't know much about their program yet, but he is planning on finding out.

Virginia Tech - They're always very good and again that is important.

Iowa - Jaris also intends to find out more about the Hawkeye program.


What are the biggest factors influencing your decision to attend school?

Jaris stated that he wants to be an educator.  He wants to major in Education with a specialty in Mathematics teaching.  Whatever program can offer him that opportunity will have a leg up on the competition.  He is also interested in attending a good all-around school with a good football team.

What are your feelings on Rutgers?

It is close to home and that is important.  They were also the first school to offer and that does matter.  Jaris stated that it was important for him to know that the program was paying attention to him at such an early stage.


What camps are you planning to attend?

So far, only Virginia and Rutgers.


Do you plan on committing early or do you plan on taking all 5 visits?

IJaris plans on taking all of his officials before I committing.



Notes:  Jaris 14 tackles, 3 Sacks and 2 Forced Fumbles against Glen Rock this past year.


Matei: matt1@cep.rutgers.edu

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