Phil Costa

- How many offers do you have

Phil Costa

Over the past five years, Holy Cross High School in New Jersey has produced five Division 1A players. This year, they have at least two. One of them is Phil Costa (OL, 6’4”-280lbs, 5.1 forty), who is a standout on the offensive line. His brother Rick signed to play for Temple in February. Costa is a two year starter in the offensive line. In the weight room, he bench presses 320lbs and has squatted 415lbs 5 times. His efforts have caught the attention of West Virginia, Rutgers, and Temple.

-          Who are your favorites?

- He visited the school with his brother Rick (who will attend
Temple) and he liked the campus.
- He likes the atmosphere and the coaches.

- He has been receiving a lot of mail from the school.
- The campus is beautiful.

His brother will attend the school.
- He really likes the coaching staff.
- It is close to home

- Likes the coaching staff. The coaches are tough but they seem to care about you.
- The facilities were nice.

-          What are the three biggest factors in your decision to attend a school?

Academics – He is looking for a school with a good academic reputation.

Coaching staff – They must be honest and care about their players.

Comfort – Needs to be comfortable with the surroundings.

-          What are your feelings on Rutgers?

He really likes the facilities.

-          What other sports do you play and what were some of your best performances?

He plays golf with an 8 or 9 handicap.

-          What will you major in?

He would like to major in Criminal Justice or Pre-med. He would like to be a State Trooper or be a family Doctor.

-          What camps will you attend?

He will be attending the Nike Camp at PSU along with the WVU, and the BC camps.

-          What unofficial visits will you take?

He will be visit BC and MD.

-          Who will assist you in making your decision?

His parents and his brother Rick will assist him with the decision.

-          Would you commit early or will you take all 5 visits before making a decision?

He would like to take all five visits before making a decision.

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