David Newsome (WR, 5'9"-175lbs 4.4 forty)

- How many offers do you have

David Newsome


Elizabeth High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey has a history of producing Division 1A football players. Last year, the school had Carlos Feliciano (OL) signed with Maryland along with Keith Taylor (WR), who signed with Rutgers.


This season, they have yet another Division 1A prospect in the form of a speedy wide receiver named David Newsome (WR/DB 5'9"-175lbs, 4.4 forty). Last season, as a WR, he had 37 catches for 659 yards and 5 TDs. As a DB, he registered 2 INTs and 31 tackles. For his efforts, he was named 1st team all-conference and 2nd team all-Union County. The college recruiters are also paying him a lot of attention. Schools like Maryland, North Carolina State, Michigan State, North Carolina, Boston College, Pittsburgh, and Rutgers are paying him a lot of attention along with filling his mailbox with numerous letters and postcards.


Below is a question and answer session with Newsome:


-          Who are your favorites?

- They are showing a lot of interest and he likes the relationship he has developed with his recruiting coach.

Michigan State
- He likes their passing style of offense.
- Likes the graduation rate by the athletes and the focus on academics paid by the coaching staff

North Carolina
- He likes the balanced offensive attack.
- They show a lot of interest in the academic performance of the players, which can be seen by the number of academic all-conference members.

Boston College
- They are showing a lot of interest.
- He likes the facilities and the focus on academics.
- He likes the number of players that they have in the NFL along with the fact that they return to obtain their degrees.

- He loves their offense and regards it as one of the best in the country
- He likes the interest that they have shown in his academic progress


-          What are the three biggest factors in your decision to attend a school?

Playing time – He does not have to play as a freshmen but it would be nice.

Academics – Looking for a school with a good academic support program.


-          What are your feelings on Rutgers?

He liked their Junior Day. He enjoyed the tour of the facilities and the lectures by the coaches.


-          What other sports do you play and what were some of your best performances?

He runs the 100m and 200m with personal bests of 22.6 and 11.2, respectively.


-          What will you major in?

Currently, he is undecided.


-          What camps will you attend?

He intends on attending camps at Maryland and Rutgers. As a third camp, he will select between Boston College, North Carolina State, or Michigan State.


-          Who will assist you in making your decision?

His parents will assist in selecting a school.


-          Would you commit early or will you take all 5 visits before making a decision?

He would like to take all 5 visits before making a final decision.


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