Rahmir Cottman (WR/CB, 6'3"-170lbs, 4.5)

- How many offers do you have

Rahmir Cottman


Big wide receivers are the trend in football these days with players like USC's Mike Williams, Pittsburgh's Larry Fitzgerald, and Texas' Roy Williams. So it would make sense for college recruiters to pursuit such athletes. Rahmir Cottman (WR/CB, 6'3"-170lbs, 4.5) is one of those big WRs with the physical abilities that college programs are looking for. As a junior, he had 36 catches for 720 yards and 6 TDs. On the defensive side of the ball, he played CB and accounted for 3 tackles and 3 INTS in 3 games. He lists his strengths as height, speed, field awareness, and jumping ability. His jumping ability should not be quickly overlooked; he has a 40 inch vertical leap; which is pretty impressive for a 6'3" WR.


A number of college programs are very interested. Among them are Maryland, Ohio State, Michigan, Syracuse, Virginia, UCLA, Pitt, Kentucky, West Virginia and Rutgers.

Below is a question and answer session with Rahmir Cottman:


-            Who are your favorites and what do you like about them?

- He really likes the campus and the coaching staff.
- High graduation percentage and their focus on academics are other attributes that attract him to the school.

- Although he has not visited the school, he believes that it is a nice school.
- He likes the fact that it is close to home


- He really likes the facilities and the high graduation rate
- The team spirit and the fact that they are an up and coming program are also big factors.



 -          What are the three biggest factors in your decision to attend a school?

The coach – he desires to play for a disciplined coach that has the respect of his players along with being fun to play for.

Location – He is looking for a program in the south or in the northeast. He would like to stay close to home but he has his options opened.

Playing time – He would like to play as a freshmen. However, he would not mind hitting the weight room and improving his game
with a redshirt year.



-          What are your feelings on Rutgers?

They are getting better and better every year. In the future, they will be a good team to play for.


-          What other sports do you play and what were some of your best performances?

He plays small forward on the basketball team. He averaged 9 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks per game.


-          What will you major in?

Currently, he is undecided.


-          What camps will you attend?

He will be attending the Nike Camp at PSU along with the Syracuse and Maryland camps.


-          What unofficial visits will you take?

He is not sure what schools outside of Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Maryland he will be visiting unofficially.


-          Who will assist you in making your decision?

His grandmother will assist him in making his decision on a school.


-            Would you commit early or will you take all 5 visits before making a decision?

He would like to take all five visits before making a commitment.

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