Shadeed Sabir OL/DL (6'3"-340lbs)

- How many offers do you have

Shadeed Sabir  


College programs are always looking for linemen with athletic ability. Shadeed Sabir  (OL/DL, 6'3"-340lbs) from Willingboro is the type of player that school seek to play in the interior line. He is a 300lb bench presser with a 390lb squat. He has attracted interest from North Carolina, Boston College, Syracuse, Iowa, Rutgers, Virginia, and South Carolina.


Who are your favorite and why?

North Carolina
- Have a good team
- Good educational program – wants to be a history teacher

South Carolina
- Is a good school with a good academic reputation

- He likes the fact that they are on the rise
- Likes the proximity. The campus is approximately 45 minutes from his home

Boston College
- He likes their offense and the success that they have had.


-            What are the three biggest factors in your decision to attend a school?

Education – graduation percentage and the academic support program for the athletes

People – He is a people person. Therefore, he likes to have a lot of people around and he would like to go to a big school.

Music – He is looking for a school with a chorus, acting, and performance arts program.

Football – A team that is like a family and keeps the players focus both on and off the field.


-          What will you major in?
He would like to major in Education and become a history teacher.


-          What camps will you attend?
He will be going to the UNC camp. Currently, he is not sure about any other camps.


-          What unofficial visits will you take?
He will be going to UNC, South Carolina, and Rutgers.


-          Who will assist you in making your decision?
His parents will assist him in his decision.


-          Would you commit early or will you take all 5 visits before making a decision?
He plans on taking all five of his visits before committing.

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