Rashawn Jackson (RB/LB, 6'2"-265lbs, 4.65 forty)

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Rashawn Jackson

Rashawn Jackson (LB/RB, 6'2"-265lbs, 4.56 forty) from St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, New Jersey; is a rare athlete, who combine great size and speed. At 6'2" and 265lbs with a 4.56 forty, Jackson has the ability to play either RB or LB at the collegiate level. At that size and speed, he has the ability to play numerous other positions if RB or LB is no longer his best positions.

While sharing the RB position with Mike Brown, St. Peter's Prep's other star player; Jackson ran 25 TDs and 900 yards. Jackson is also a force at his MLB position, who runs from sideline to side line making plays.

- How many offers do you have?

Jackson has been getting interest from schools from coast to coast. To date, he has scholarship offers from Rutgers, PSU, Syracuse, BC, MD, Michigan, Michigan State, Virginia, UConn, and Notre Dame.

- Who are your favorites?

Notre Dame
- He likes the good academic reputation and opportunity to provide a good life after football.
- He likes the team's work ethnic.

- The number 1 public university in the nation.
- He loves the defense and it fits his ability

- He visited the school and he loves the coaches and players
- They have 20 + players in the NFL.
- They have good academics.

- Likes the location, size of the school, and the coaches.

- One of his former teammates attended Michigan, Anthony Jordan. He talks highly of the school
- He is looking forward to take a visit to the school.

Florida State
- Favorite school from childhood
- They have not offered yet but he has been in contact with him.

- What are the three biggest factors in your decision to attend a school?

Academics - Getting a scholarship is more than just football. If anything occurs, he would like a good academic school that can provide him with the ability to pursue a good career.

Location - He would like to play in the south due to his family in the area. Another perference is west because of the number of schools with good traditions that have contacted him - USC and UCLA.

Good program - Looking for not just a football team, he is looking for a program.

- What is your feelings on Rutgers?

He stated that the campus and facilities are beautiful along with a good coaching staff.

- What will you major in?

He would like to major in Business administration and minor in collinear arts. He would like to open up a restaurant.

- What camps will you attend?

He is not sure. However, he will be attending the PSU combines in May.

- What unofficial visits will you take?

He has visited Rutgers, UVa, and Syracuse. He would also like to visit Michigan and UVa.

- Who will assist you in making your decision?

His coach and his family.

- Would you commit early or will you take all 5 visits before making a decision?

He will take all five visit before making a decision. He would like to give all school their opportunity.

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