Mike Brown (RB/DB, 5'10"-180lbs, 4.27 forty)

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Mike Brown (RB/DB, 5'10" - 180lbs) from St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, New Jersey is one of the Top 20 players in the state of New Jersey. He has the ability to play either RB or DB on the collegiate level. His abilities are among the very best in the country. At the Chuck Mound Combine, earlier in the year, he ran a 4.27 forty and recorded a vertical leap of 39.7" and a 123' standing long jump. In the weight room, he produced 19 repetitions of 185lbs on the bench press.

- How many offers do you have?

Brown has offers of Syracuse, Notre Dame, PSU, Rutgers, UVa, MSU, BC, Maryland, and UConn.

- Who are your favorites?

He had visited Rutgers, Syracuse, and Penn State. At this point, he does not have a list of favorites. He will see who else offers then he will narrow his list down. This process will take place during the season.

- What are your feelings on Rutgers?

He likes Rutgers because of the proximity to home. He stated that the facilities are great and he likes the coaching staff. The last time he visited the school was when Rutgers had just finished the facilities. He feels that they are the best in the country. This is even after visiting PSU and Syracuse. They have a good chance of being one of this five visits. 

- What is he looking for in a school?

He is looking for a school with a school with prestige and a decent tradition. He is looking for a school with both a good academic and athetics tradition.

- What unofficial visits will you take?

He will be going to San Diego for the Nike Camp this weekend. He will also be visiting USC. Although USC is his childhood favorite school, he will not automatically accept a scholarship offer. Rather, he will review the situation before making decision.

- What position would be want to play in college?

He has no preference on which position to play.

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