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In order to provide everyone with a glimpse at this new feature and see what type of prospect LAMONT ROBINSON is, this installment of the journal will be <b> NON-PREMIUM - Enjoy!!! </b> <br><br> For this week's installment, Lamont Robinson (LB,6'3"- 225lbs, 4.6 forty) will discuss some of his experiences over the past few months. This should continue until National Letter of Intent Signing Day.

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Lamont Robinson

Good linebackers are not easy to find. Recruiters are looking for players who have the size and aggressiveness to stop the run, while the speed and quickness to run sideline to sideline to make plays and cover the pass. Lamont Robinson (LB, 6'3"- 225lbs, 4.5 forty) from Salem High School in Salem, New Jersey is one of those few players that meet these criteria. Robinson plays the game with an aggressive temperament. He has the ability to play either middle or outside LB. By the time the May evaluation period is over Robinson will probably have 20 or more offers.

Lamont Robinson's April Recruiting Journal

For this upcoming season I'm currently lifting weights 5/6 times per week and doing Track and Field. In mid May I will start the recruiting of different players for the team around the school and start setting up things to do in the summer time before coach is allowed to start with us. I also run at least 4 to 6 times per week.

For me personally I like the recruiting process thus far. I've been able to branch out and start new relationships with different coaches and players. Connections that I think may last a lifetime.

The good points to me are the relationships made; being able to sit down and talk to some of the best coaches in the nation, getting to know a lot about the great things each college has to offer. The only bad part that I've encountered so far was the fact that there's only one of me so I have to decide on one college and there are many great schools out their with great teams, coaches, facilities, and programs.

I haven't attended any camps or combines so far. I will be at the Elite College Combine in the Meadowlands on May 5th and The Nike Camp at Penn State on May 15. As far as other prospects go so far I've only met cool people so far. Everybody I've encountered has been straight, and hopefully it stays that way.

I'm hearing from U. Mich., U. Mary., Syr., Rutg., U. West Virg., U. South Car., USC, LSU, Iowa, Nebraska, UVa, Virg. Tech, B.C. , Mich State, Penn State, U. Kentucky, Louisville, UCLA, Notre Dame, U. Oregon, Northwestern, Illinois, Indiana, N.C. State, and Pittsburgh. Whew on a typical day with school and home combined i get about 15-25 pieces a mail a day. I don't mind it at all though. i rather it be in surplus than in scarcity.

The best letter I've gotten so far was from Rutgers and it was a picture of me and a little 'WANTED' type of deal. That was the best. The things are though I'm most impressed with the coaches who just take the time out to write me handwritten notes. That kinda signals that they genuinely like me. Those are the best ones to me.

At this current moment I don't have a favorite my ranking period hasn't started yet.

I haven't started to narrow schools yet I'll do a lot of that after this May Period when I can see who's really feeling me and who's not. When I do start narrowing it down my judgment will be on these factors: Probability of winning CHAMPIONSHIPS, probability of seeing the field ASAP, Head coach job security, Relationship I was able to build with the program, facilities, location, course of study I'm interested in and how the schools academic program is.

First and foremost I play to win. I step on the field and losing is not something I think about. If it were I'd probably stop playing because that's what drives me to play. That's what gives me my passion. I'm a competitor in the highest sense (it carries over to every aspect of my life). I feel as though I play the game the way it's supposed to be played. Hard, intense, 101% on every play, we all make mistakes but if I ever make a mistake it will be an aggressive one. I love the game and I think anyone can see that if you ever got to know me or even seen me play. Religion, Family, Football I'm serious about what I love and i put my all into it.

My top ten as of 4-26-04: UVa, Maryland, Rutgers, Syra., B.C., U. Mich, Mich. State, Iowa, USC, LSU but not in that order.!

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