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Foundation, marquee, and distractions. These were the three characteristics Coach Waters emphasized at the last Court Club meeting of the year. Any player the staff looks at will meet either one of those three criteria. Attention must be payed, of course, to have as few individuals meeting the last criteria.

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    Foundation; Marquee; Distractions.  Those are the three attributes Coach Waters emphasized at the last Court Club meeting of the year.  Any player the staff looks at will meet either one of those three criteria.  The goal, of course, is to have more of the first and second, and less of the third.  In particular, a successful team cannot have more than two players meeting the marquee status, due to possible issues ensuing with lack of ball sharing.  A successful team must have about seven to ten players that fall under the criteria designated as foundation-type players.  This was the emphasis for tonight's Court Club meeting.  Coach Waters introduced two of Rutgers departing seniors, Sean Axani and Justin Piasecki, and distinguished them as two individuals that meet the foundation-type criteria around which the success of a team is so reliant on, better than anyone else. 

    "I feel very good about the ending", said Coach Waters while discussing the team's surprising post-season run.  What is, perhaps, more impressive is the momentum the team has carried into the off-season.  Quincy Douby, after being overmatched and overpowered against a bigger Michigan team became an almost immediate mainstay in the weight room after Rutgers' loss in the NIT Championship game.  "He's been in that weight room ever since", said Coach Waters.  "The great equalizer in the game of basketball is strength and Quincy now understands this."

    The initial momentum carried by one or two team members has been captured by the rest of the team.  One day after coming back from a trip to the Final Four, in San Antonio, Coach Waters expected to meet his strength and conditioning coach to discuss some issues. Nowhere to be found, until Coach Waters entered the weight room - the rest of the team present, already working hard toward the 2004-2005 season.  "They said they wanted to be there.  These are the type of players we have."



  • On September 4th the Court Club will host a BBQ  with the basketball team.  You must be a Court Club member to participate.

  • Next year's Big East schedule will result in Rutgers playing every team once and assigned teams twice.  There will be no divisional conference format and every conference member will travel to New York for the Big East tournament.

  • Ollie Bailey (1st team All-State - Illinois) has been officially granted acceptance to Rutgers.  Manny Quezada and Dan Waterstadt were previously granted acceptance.

  • Byron Joynes will be attending the Pete Newell Big Man Camp during the upcoming summer.

  • Herve Lamizana has been working out for several West Coast teams, most recently for the Sacramento Kings.  He plans on staying on the west coast until the NBA draft, toward the conclusion of June.




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